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adj. earth·i·er, earth·i·est
1. Of, consisting of, or resembling earth: an earthy smell.
2. Of or characteristic of this world; worldly.
3. Crude or off-color; indecent: an earthy joke.
4. Hearty or uninhibited; natural: an earthy enjoyment of life.
5. Unadorned and simple in style: an earthy homemade stew.

earth′i·ly adv.
earth′i·ness n.


nDerbheit f; (of person)Urtümlichkeit f
References in classic literature ?
The laborer, looking into it at evening, purifies his thoughts of the dross and earthiness which they have accumulated during the day.
With his vast strength, his shaggy hair, his smoky aspect, and the indescribable earthiness that incrusted him, he seemed to represent man's physical nature; while Aylmer's slender figure, and pale, intellectual face, were no less apt a type of the spiritual element.
Roxanna's earthiness captivates Frank and causes him to doubt his calling even more.
debut, culled from two British discs, is a winner, revealing an earthiness, depth and sense of humor we frankly didn't expect.
A full-bodied Chilean red from the San Pedro winery, it smells of blackberries and has a spicy earthiness.
According to Aspen, ``There seems to be a real trend toward earthiness, freedom and romanticism right now.
Inspired by the real thing, not the three-chord teeny-bopper ska or techno/hip-hop-driven nonsense that passes for so much of today's Jamaican music, this nine-piece local roots group plays with earthiness and real conviction.
I've heard people complain about the strong earthiness of huitlacoche, the ``corn smut'' flavoring used extensively in Mexico.
With her husky voice, everygirl earthiness and supergirl grit, Moore gives an audience-pleasing performance that is likely to translate into solid box-office here, and there is something rousing about her display of leadership and guts, regardless of one's gender.
I notice several tall figurines in that familiar style - call it quaint kitsch - that offers an absolute contrast to the comfortable earthiness which otherwise imbues the Siber household.
Inside, there are cleverly ``stressed'' ceilings and wall areas to give it a touch of proletarian earthiness.