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Any of various mushrooms of the family Geastraceae, having a round spore case like that of a puffball with an outer covering that splits open in a starlike form.


(Plants) any of various basidiomycetous saprotrophic woodland fungi of the genus Geastrum, whose brown onion-shaped reproductive body splits into a star shape to release the spores



a fungus of the genus Geaster, having an outer covering that splits into the form of a star.
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Noun1.earthstar - any fungus of the family Geastraceaeearthstar - any fungus of the family Geastraceae; in form suggesting a puffball whose outer peridium splits into the shape of a star
fungus - an organism of the kingdom Fungi lacking chlorophyll and feeding on organic matter; ranging from unicellular or multicellular organisms to spore-bearing syncytia
family Geastraceae, Geastraceae - a family of earthstar fungi belonging to the order Lycoperdales
Geastrum coronatum - an earthstar with a bluish spore sac and a purplish brown gleba; at maturity the outer layer splits into rays that bend backward and elevate the spore sac
Astreus pteridis - the largest earthstar; the fruiting body can measure 15 cm across when the rays are expanded
Astreus hygrometricus - a common species of earthstar widely distributed in sandy soil; the gleba is a pale tan
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Home to some 112 species, Wales supports 55% of Britain's grassland fungi, revelling in names such as the Elegant Earthstar, Dark-purple Earthtongue and Big Blue Pinkgill.
Autumn is the ideal time to spot woodland fungi with eye-catching species such as the fly agaric and scarlet elfcup, as well as better camouflaged fungi such as milkcaps and the collared earthstar.
a global communications and information company, today announced that it has signed two contracts with EarthSTAR Inc.
Autumn is the ideal time to spot fungi in Warwickshire's woodlands with eye-catching species such as the fly agaric and scarlet elfcup, as well as better camouflaged fungi such as milkcaps and the collared earthstar.
Our educational website, EarthStar Primal Habitat is about a lifestyle of voluntary simplicity: www.
Federal regulators have closed down Earthstar Bank of Southampton in Pennsylvania.
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David Haines and Joyce Hinterding's EarthStar uses a range of devices to bring that matter closer.
As out of this world as it seems, though, the UFO you've spotted has a distinctly terrestrial identity: It's an earthstar, a relative of the puffball family:
Polonia Bancorp (OTCBB:PBCP) (the "Company") announced today that it has suspended its previously announced plan to repurchase shares of the Company's outstanding common stock through a Rule 10b5-1 repurchase plan as a result of its deployment of capital to support the recently announced acquisition of Earthstar Bank by Polonia Bank.
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