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It was pleasant and quiet, out there with the sails on the river passing beyond the earthwork, and sometimes, when the tide was low, looking as if they belonged to sunken ships that were still sailing on at the bottom of the water.
One Sunday when Joe, greatly enjoying his pipe, had so plumed himself on being "most awful dull," that I had given him up for the day, I lay on the earthwork for some time with my chin on my hand, descrying traces of Miss Havisham and Estella all over the prospect, in the sky and in the water, until at last I resolved to mention a thought concerning them that had been much in my head.
She heard the shrill whistle of alarm, the beaten drum; she saw the spade exchanged for the rifle, and the long line of toilers disappear behind the natural earthwork which their labours had created.
Great anxiety prevails in West Surrey, and earthworks are being thrown up to check the advance Londonward.
Several battalions of soldiers, in their shirt sleeves despite the cold wind, swarmed in these earthworks like a host of white ants; spadefuls of red clay were continually being thrown up from behind the bank by unseen hands.
We have moved forward across his earthworks, across which we have so often vainly attempted to move before, through the debris of his abandoned camps, among the graves of his fallen, into the woods beyond.
Just outside, soldiers were engaged in throwing up earthworks.
An investigation is now under way after North Wales Police was told a large section of the protected 1,200-year-old earthwork was damaged.
National earthwork & heavy equipment estimator 2009, 2d ed.
That's why Dan Atcheson's "2008 National Earthwork & Heavy Equipment Estimator" is recommended as an invaluable and indispensable tool.
B) Earthwork, Bridge work, Building work and other miscellaneous works in connection with proposed 2nd Goods line at Kalamboli Yard.
The moorland uplands of northeast Yorkshire and Cleveland have long been known for the variety of prehistoric monuments which survive in earthwork form.