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Affording or characterized by comfort and peace; restful.

ease′ful·ly adv.
ease′ful·ness n.


characterized by or bringing ease; peaceful; tranquil
ˈeasefully adv
ˈeasefulness n


(ˈiz fəl)

comfortable; peaceful; restful.
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Affording pleasurable ease:
Informal: comfy, soft.
References in classic literature ?
Unrestrained by the young man's presence she threw up her mouth, put her lips near the bars, and piped away in easeful grace to the attentive listeners.
3 set are similar in style to Handel's with lively dances, vigorous allegros and easeful slow movements.
With this, you can often settle a safe easeful of a slower propellant in the 7mm case and still approach full pressures and decent velocity.
None of these forms had or has a way to indicate the length of note duration, so for monks to achieve the apparently easeful unison an outsider hears at Compline is a matter of an assured interpretation by a chorus leader who has worked out many unknowns.
La Salle's victory, however, was anything but easeful despite taking a 16-point lead in the third quarter.
She listened to shifts in predawn street life as she stayed up through the night with a sick child; she watched but did not interfere as her children's city life expanded; as she ran her errands, she observed shopkeepers serving as the ganglia of the neighborhood's extensive communications network and the ways the neighborhood kept its easeful vigilance even as it maintained its toleration; and she struck the right balance of openness and reserve with her neighbors.
Her outsized skill, her easeful manner, and her certain success at improving the care that physicians provide--those are humbling, silencing remembrances; things of such great value that words just do not work as tribute.
The dream-breath of the landwash, the sigh of the sea upon the shore, proclaims the easeful sound of warm snug love --the plain silent sound of home" (140).
He becomes what Keats described as "half in love with easeful death", the final release from life's troubling uncertainties.
The biographical film, Ein Leben fur die Musik (A Life for Music), made in the last summer of his life, shows a sturdy-looking 85-year-old at the piano playing the transformation music from Daphne (1937)--perhaps a final message or a desired wish for an easeful end.
When there were gatherings at our house, with whisky glasses and government ministers and doctors and lawyers and a sort of educated, easeful joviality, in which other government ministers were referred to as "that Damn Ass Jerry" and the prime minister as "Deafy" (because he wore a hearing aid and didn't listen to advice), we girls would be expected to hand around snacks, and I could see that my uncle was proud of us too.
Having been rebuffed by Marie (and, one infers, several others), the poet, fully in love with easeful Death, settles upon the unsuspecting hausfrau Henriette, pressing his case for a dual demise--he will shoot her first, then himself, he later helpfully explains--a proposal she finds initially absurd, then, after she learns she is about to die anyway, increasingly seductive.