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n. Abbr. ESE
The direction or point on the mariner's compass halfway between due east and southeast, or 112°30′ east of due north.
To, toward, of, facing, or in the east-southeast.
In, from, or toward the east-southeast.


(Navigation) the point on the compass or the direction midway between east and southeast, 112° 30′ clockwise from north
adj, adv
(Navigation) in, from, or towards this direction
Symbol: ESE


1. the point on a compass midway between east and southeast.
2. coming from this point, as a wind.
3. directed toward this point.
4. toward this point.
Abbr.: ESE


A. Nestesudeste m, estesureste m
B. ADJestesudeste, estesureste
C. ADV (= toward east-southeast) → hacia el estesudeste or estesureste; (situated) → al estesudeste or estesureste, en el estesudeste or estesureste
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The wind will be light, becoming moderate from east-southeast in the eastern areas.
Basyang was last spotted 355 kilometers east-southeast of Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur.
PAGASA said "Urduja" was located at 65 km east-southeast of Romblon, Romblon as of 1 p.
6 kilometers East-Southeast of the Yilan County government at a depth of 71.
4] DAWN: Spica shines 4[degrees] right of Venus very low in the east-southeast.
Maria, located 15 miles east-southeast of Dominica on Monday night, was expected to pass over that island as the first Category 5 storm in recorded history to hit Dominica.
local time (0819 GMT) was centered 42 miles (67 kilometers) east-southeast of San Pedro de Atacama in the arid north of the South American country.
Tuesday's quake struck 37 kilometers (23 miles) east-southeast of Namie at a depth of 11.
3 quake struck 30 miles east-southeast of Pedro Bay, on the shore of Iliamna Lake, the USGS added.
00 E, about 640 km east-southeast of Sur (Oman) and 800 km east-southeast of Muscat (Oman).
The report said that the cyclone is centred around 1100 kilomters east-southeast of Machilipatnam.
The airplane wreckage was located approximately one mile east-southeast of the airport.