east-west direction

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Noun1.east-west direction - in a direction parallel with lines of latitude
direction, way - a line leading to a place or point; "he looked the other direction"; "didn't know the way home"
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On the south side there is a front building in east-west direction.
It has been built to a low-density specification, with the buildings angled at an East-West direction to make the most of sunrises and settings.
Line 3, otherwise referred to as the Red Line, will carry passengers in an East-West direction along Al-Madinah Al Munawwarah and
The sprinkling of a dozen faint stars is situated in an east-west direction.
Conceptually, the building is not a lot different from the initial design, but massing-wise it's gotten narrower in the east-west direction and, therefore, taller.
Mohammed Zubair and Anwer Kemal remained in the front row throughout the 11 round contest, competing from East-West direction.
In this regard, the Turkmen leader noted that Turkmen-Croatian partnership can become a significant factor in development of international transport infrastructure, formation of trade and transit corridors, in particular, in East-West direction.
The two earthquakes are separated by just 10 km in an east-west direction," reported (http://earthquake.
It is located at the intersection of Trakiya Highway, which runs in the east-west direction, and the north-south road from Dimitrovgrad to Stara Zagora.
The great and magnificent stone" Kokino is 90 meters long in the east-west direction and 50 meters wide in the north-south direction, while the contents of the observatory is on two platforms - eastern or upper platform and western or lower platform 20 meters down the hill - from which the planets were observed.
5 kilometres in a north-south direction and over two kilometres in an east-west direction.
Such locations had great importance in the history and geography of the Iberian Peninsula, as all north-south movement had to negotiate major rivers, which invariably flow in an east-west direction.