eastern white pine

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Noun1.eastern white pine - tall-growing pine of eastern North Americaeastern white pine - tall-growing pine of eastern North America; bark is brown with longitudinal fissures when mature; valued as a timber tree
white pine - any of several five-needled pines with white wood and smooth usually light grey bark when young; especially the eastern white pine
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Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus of the Family Pinaceae) also has more to offer than a pleasing fragrance, said Smith.
Higher energy consumption associated with shredding yellow poplar may be attributed to its higher shear strength perpendicular to the grain compared with eastern white pine and southern yellow pine, which suggested that yellow poplar was more difficult to shred than the two softwoods considered in the experimentation (Forest Products Laboratory 1999).
To see how much of the plant's nitrogen came from the insects, the researchers radioactively labeled nitrogen atoms in the insects' bodies and followed their trails in eastern white pine seedlings.
For this reason eastern white pines also became known as King's Arrow pines.
The eastern white pine material's EMC was determined to be 12 percent prior to the tests.
Eastern white pine does not perform as well as Scots pine, Japanese black pine, or shore pine.
Dufresne's truck, and Eastern white pine and maple in Mr.
All other continental states have at least two species of pine except Iowa, which supports only eastern white pine, and Kansas, which has none.
In the United States, eastern white pine (EWP) is used in the manufacture of interior planks, clapboards, furniture, doors and windows, decorative veneers, and moulding/millwork.
Untreated eastern white pine samples (primarily sapwood) of the same dimensions were used for reference samples.
Maine Eastern White Pine Maine Maryland White Oak Va.
Test results showed the black cherry and sugar maple had slower erosion wear rates than white oak and eastern white pine.

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