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adv. & adj.
Toward, to, or in the east.
An eastward direction, point, or region.

east′ward·ly adv. & adj.
east′wards adv.


situated or directed towards the east
a variant of eastwards
the eastward part, direction, etc
ˈeastwardly adv, adj


(ˈist wərd)

1. Also, east′wards. toward the east.
2. moving, bearing, facing, or situated toward the east.
3. an eastward part, direction, or point.
[before 850]
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Noun1.eastward - the cardinal compass point that is at 90 degreeseastward - the cardinal compass point that is at 90 degrees
cardinal compass point - one of the four main compass points
Adj.1.eastward - moving toward the east; "eastbound trains"
east - situated in or facing or moving toward the east
Adv.1.eastward - toward the east; "they migrated eastward to Sweden"
شَرْقا، إلى جِهَةِ الشَّرْقشَرْقا، جِهَةِ الشَّرْق
mod østøstgåendeøstlig
keleti irányúkeletre
doğuya doğru


A. ADJ [movement, migration] → hacia el este, en dirección este


[ˈiːstwərd] eastwards [ˈiːstwərdz]
advvers l'est
adj [expansion, journey] → vers l'est


[ˈiːstwəd] adj (direction) → est inv


(iːst) noun
1. the direction from which the sun rises, or any part of the earth lying in that direction. The wind is blowing from the east; The village is to the east of Canton; in the east of England.
2. (also E) one of the four main points of the compass. He took a direction 10 E of N / east of north.
1. in the east. the east coast.
2. from the direction of the east. an east wind.
towards the east. The house faces east.
ˈeasterly adjective
1. (of a wind, breeze etc) coming from the east. an easterly wind.
2. looking, lying etc towards the east. We are travelling in an easterly direction.
ˈeastern adjective
of the east or the East. an eastern custom.
ˈeasternmost adjective
being furthest east. the easternmost city in America.
ˈeastward adjective
towards the east. in an eastward direction.
ˈeastward(s) adverb
towards the east. They are travelling eastwards.
the East
the countries east of Europe. the Middle/Far East.
References in classic literature ?
One was a map of the Pyncheon territory at the eastward, not engraved, but the handiwork of some skilful old draughtsman, and grotesquely illuminated with pictures of Indians and wild beasts, among which was seen a lion; the natural history of the region being as little known as its geography, which was put down most fantastically awry.
But, at last, when turning to the eastward, the Cape winds began howling around us, and we rose and fell upon the long, troubled seas that are there; when the ivory-tusked Pequod sharply bowed to the blast, and gored the dark waves in her madness, till, like showers of silver chips, the foam-flakes flew over her bulwarks; then all this desolate vacuity of life went away, but gave place to sights more dismal than before.
Four or five miles to the eastward lay the lake, and over this the bitter winds came raging.
The afternoon shadows stretched eastward, and the round red sun stood thoughtfully on the horizon, and his beams shone yellow and calm into the little bed-room where George and his wife were sitting.
Eastward I go only by force; but westward I go free.
Not for the last time," she said, and got a cheer, and we said good-bye all around, and faced eastward and rode away.
The view, looking sheer down into the broad valley, eastward, from this great elevation--almost a perpendicular mile--was very quaint and curious.
Drive to the first station beyond York, northward, southward, or eastward, as may be hereafter determined.
Who could sit upon anything in Fleet-street during the busy hours of the day, and not be dazed and deafened by two immense processions, one ever tending westward with the sun, the other ever tending eastward from the sun, both ever tending to the plains beyond the range of red and purple where the sun goes down!
When I awoke, without having parted in my sleep with the perception of my wretchedness, the clocks of the Eastward churches were striking five, the candles were wasted out, the fire was dead, and the wind and rain intensified the thick black darkness.
Beneath him with new wonder now he views To all delight of human sense expos'd In narrow room Natures whole wealth, yea more, A Heaven on Earth, for blissful Paradise Of God the Garden was, by him in the East Of EDEN planted; EDEN stretchd her Line From AURAN Eastward to the Royal Towrs Of great SELEUCIA, built by GRECIAN Kings, Or where the Sons of EDEN long before Dwelt in TELASSAR: in this pleasant soile His farr more pleasant Garden God ordaind; Out of the fertil ground he caus'd to grow All Trees of noblest kind for sight, smell, taste; And all amid them stood the Tree of Life, High eminent, blooming Ambrosial Fruit Of vegetable Gold; and next to Life Our Death the Tree of Knowledge grew fast by, Knowledge of Good bought dear by knowing ill.
Until the shadows be cast from the west to the eastward, will we wait to see if a champion shall appear for this unfortunate woman.