eat humble pie

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humble pie

A pie formerly made from the edible organs of a deer or hog.
eat humble pie
To be forced to apologize abjectly or admit one's faults in humiliating circumstances.

[Alteration (influenced by humble) of obsolete umble pie : Middle English umbles, edible animal organs (variant of numbles, from Norman French nombles, from Old French, loin of veal, probably from alteration of Latin lumbulus, diminutive of lumbus, loin) + pie.]

eat humble pie

To be forced to admit, humiliatingly, that you were wrong; from the medieval “umble pie,” a pie made from the umbles (internal organs of deer).
mettre de l’eau dans son vin
References in classic literature ?
If you've made a fool of yourself you must eat humble pie.
I note that Next are still keen to invest in Dumfries, so can the councillors who voted to stop them not eat humble pie and offer them a fast-track planning decision to develop the Cuckoo Bridge site and let more people get jobs and let the people of Dumfries have another good shop to spend their money in and assist in Dumfries' future.
Parker, 53, said: "This is my moment to eat humble pie.
But their critics had to eat humble pie when the got the share of popular vote right to within one per cent.
So I am happy to eat humble pie and may I suggest that you give the book a chance and make up your own mind
However, now, because one German frau decides she wants to go down in history as a saviour of mankind, rather than as a demon of fiscal probity who insisted Greeks eat humble pie, that very scenario is coming to pass, sooner rather than later.
Moscow is losing friends fast in the rest of the world and sooner or later the stress applied by Putin will turn on him as he will be forced to either carry out a military offensive or buckle down and eat humble pie.
Cirrus Des Aigles set off on the road to redemption at Maisons-Laffitte and any remaining doubters were made to eat humble pie as the French star showed he is peaking at exactly the right time with a demolition of his rivals in the Prix Dollar.
In 2006, David Cameron described UKIP as 'full of fruit cakes and racists' - but had to eat humble pie when the party later gained notable election successes.
Personally I'd keep her in the jungle so the public can vote with their, well, vote and see her eat humble pie at best and a kangaroo's testicle at worst.
And sadly we don't all get to see this buffoon eat humble pie or even better get to question the individual's suitability for the job they do.
There was much schadenfreude in the business press this week as three capitalist titans were forced to eat humble pie.