eau de toilette

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eau de toi·lette

(ō′ də twä-lĕt′)
n. pl. eaux de toilette (ō′, ōz′)
A scented liquid with a high alcohol content used in bathing or applied as a skin freshener. Also called toilet water.

[French : eau, water + de, of + toilette, dressing table, toilette.]
perfume, eau de toilette, cologne, eau de cologne - Perfume or parfum is 20–40% oil and the highest concentration; eau de toilette is 10–18% oil, and cologne or eau de cologne is 3–9% oil.
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toilet water, eau de toilette - Eau de toilette, or toilet water, is a dilute form of perfume.
See also related terms for perfume.
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Noun1.eau de toilette - a perfumed liquid lighter than cologneeau de toilette - a perfumed liquid lighter than cologne
perfume, essence - a toiletry that emits and diffuses a fragrant odor
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