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 (ĭ-klē′zhē-ə, -zē-ə)
n. pl. ec·cle·si·ae (-zhē-ē′, -zē-ē′)
1. The political assembly of citizens of an ancient Greek state.
a. A church or congregation.
b. The collective body of Christian believers regarded as constituting a universal church.

[Latin ecclēsia, from Greek ekklēsiā, from ekkalein, to summon forth : ek-, out; see ecto- + kalein, klē-, to call; see kelə- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -siae (-zɪˌiː)
1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) (in formal Church usage) a congregation
2. (Historical Terms) the assembly of citizens of an ancient Greek state
[C16: from Medieval Latin, from Late Greek ekklēsia assembly, from ekklētos called, from ekkalein to call out, from kalein to call]


(ɪˈkli ʒi ə, -zi ə)

n., pl. -si•ae (-ʒiˌi, -ziˌi)
1. an assembly, esp. the popular assembly of ancient Athens.
2. a congregation; church.
[1570–80; < Latin < Greek ekklēsía assembly]
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In 2014 he was awarded the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice, the highest papal honour that can be bestowed on a layperson.
Nearly a year has passed, but most of what we know now was public knowledge within a few days: The senator was Jon Woods, another Springdale Republican who didn't seek re-election as the feds moved in on him in 2016, and the nonprofits that paid the kickbacks were tiny Ecclesia College in Springdale and Alternative Opportunities Inc.
The medal, named Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice (For the Church and Pope), was awarded by the Catholic Church with the blessing of Pope Francis to Delas Alas in 2016 for giving distinguishable service to it.
Eric Shumaker will provide jazz music and sweets, treats, and drinks are provided by Ecclesia.
En lo que se refiere a las ideas teologicas que vertebran la exposicion, el historiador suizo las estructura en torno a los conceptos de Ecclesia ad intra (revelacion y colegialidad), Ecclesia ad extra (mundo y libertad religiosa) y la <<via del dialogo>> (ecumenismo, judios, marxistas).
Ecclesia and Ethics: Moral Formation and the Church
Deborah Harrison and Allan Lavington - leading lights at Ecclesia Ministries Church in Ladywood - were set to lock horns at Birmingham Employment Tribunal.
Out of this movement came an association of theologians called Ecclesia of Women in Asia (EWA), which formed 12 years ago.
Se trata del estudio hecho por Alvaro del Portillo para la Comision codificadora y que lleva por titulo Introducenda in hire canonico de laicorum notione deque eorum iuribus et officiis in Ecclesia (Romae, 2 Octobris 1966) de 153 folios (95).
Are they two sister saints, or do they represent the ecclesia ex circumcisione and the ecclesia ex gentibus, which are clearly identified in the surviving dedicatory inscription in the church of Santa Sabina, completed just a few years later?
Pope John VIII (872-882) named the new church Sancta Ecclesia Marabensis in a letter he sent to the Moravian ruler Svatopluk, she says, and charged it with the pastoral care of the Slavic peoples living beyond the eastern border of the Carolingian realm.
Charles Lawson, 60, wrote to Flintshire magistrates saying that it was the Sabbath of his non-denominational Texas-based Ecclesia Bible Church.