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1. Of or relating to a church, especially as an organized institution.
2. Appropriate to a church or to use in a church: ecclesiastical architecture; ecclesiastical robes.

ec·cle′si·as′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.ecclesiastically - in an ecclesiastic manner; "the candidate was ecclesiastically endorsed"
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He did not shrug his shoulders; and for want of that muscular outlet he thought the more irritably of beautiful lips kissing holy skulls and other emptinesses ecclesiastically enshrined.
Ecclesiastically the equinox is said to be on March 21 but the date of Easter can vary from March 22 to April 25 inclusive.
The credibility of that dogma rests, not only upon reasoned argument and empirical evidence, furnished by philosophy and science, but also upon some alleged revelation, conveyed prophetically or ecclesiastically, whose epistemic status, necessarily retaining elements of subjectivity, fails to convince outsiders.
James Brundage, Heath Dillard, Renato Barahona and Guido Ruggiero, among other historians, provide ample evidence of the fact that betrothed couples often engaged in sexual relations prior to an ecclesiastically sanctioned marriage, despite the Church's official teachings to the contrary about the importance of virginity for unmarried people.
Among other strategies this entailed the confiscation of property, the exercise of substantial control over clergy, and the withdrawal of state support for ecclesiastically sponsored activities.
While this theme dominates the editorial pages of the paper far more than any other issue appearing in ninety-three editorial articles between 1914-1917, it also generated tension with more ecclesiastically focused community circles.
We could, for example, speculate that Waite's opinion was designed not only to dash the Mormon hopes of a constitutional right to engage in religiously mandated polygamy, but also to send a message that the ecclesiastically dominated Territory of Utah would find the establishment clause to be an inhospitable environment for entry into statehood.
I am also a tad theologically and ecclesiastically incorrect.
Then, we need new political structures, which means the most ecclesiastically incorrect word of all must at last be spoken: democracy.
or in stiff folds a la Titian if ecclesiastically tall.
The latter is what "religion," which is often undogmatic and ecclesiastically heterodox, illuminates and instantiates--the return to the repressed, things that presently "seem to reverse the Enlightenment's undoing of myth and fetishization" (p.
Consecration as bishop conferred majority upon the candidate; a bishop held the same position ecclesiastically as a king.