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Any of various tropical American plants of the genus Echeveria, having thick, succulent leaves usually clustered in dense rosettes.

[New Latin Echeveria, genus name, after Atanasio Echeverría y Godoy, 18th-century Mexican botanical illustrator.]


(Plants) any of various tropical American crassulaceous plants of the genus Echeveria, cultivated for their colourful foliage
[named after M. Echeveri, 19th-century Mexican botanical artist]


(ˌɛtʃ ə vəˈri ə)

n., pl. -ri•as.
any tropical American succulent plant of the genus Echeveria, having thick leaves that form rosettes.
[< New Latin (1828), after Atanasio Echeverría (flourished 1771), Mexican botanical illustrator]
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Echeveria of Colombia, an experienced psychiatrist, who is working directly with the BVI Health Services Authority to review the psychosocial programmes in place and to provide support to the mental health teams in the Territory, Dr.
El entonces presidente, Luis Echeveria Alvarez, "dio senales" de que el candidato priista seria el secretario de Gobernacion, Mario Moya Palencia, asi que la horda de ansiosos preparo pancartas y apoyos a favor del "casi seguro" candidato y fue a "hacerse presente".
Cacti and succulent plantsThese include cactus, hawthornia, echeveria, and crassulas.
On-trend plants include Haworthia, Echeveria, Crassula, Euphorbia, Pincushion cacti (Mammillaria) and Aloe.
A selection of faux succulents, such as sedum, echeveria and sempervivum, available from all good craft stores.
Left: Echeveria elegans is a blue/grey fleshy succulent that grows to 5-10cm tall.
Asplenium ferns, echeveria succulents and moth orchids also thrive in kitchens with lots of light.
Sweet's plants came exclusively from the Sunset Western Garden Collection (with the exception of the Echeveria imbricata), chosen for their low-water and low-maintenance merits.
rzedowskiana, Brachiaria jaliscana, Echeveria rufiana, Otatea acuminata subsp.
He repeated calls for the new chief of the Department of Justice, Alfredo Caguioa, to immediately file charges against alleged rice smuggler Davidson Bangayan and other personalities long-identified by the Senate Committee on Agriculture as early as 2012, spanning two Congresses, [such as] the alleged onion and garlic cartel leader Leah Cruz, rice traders David and Judilyn Lim, Elizabeth Faustino, Eleanor Rodriguez and Leah Echeveria.
Her bouquet included white peonies, light pink, elegant white, and blush garden roses, and was enhanced with a few coral roses, white freesia, and a hint of lacy dusty miller to accentuate the echeveria succulent The bouquet was tied with lace from the bride's grandmother's wedding gown.
7) Javier Echeveria, Impacto cultural, social y linguistico de las nuevas tecnologias de la Informacion y las comunicaciones (TIC).