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(ā-klâr′, ā′klâr′) or e·clair (ē-klâr′, ā-klâr′, ə-klâr′)
An elongated pastry filled with custard or whipped cream and usually iced with chocolate.

[French, from Old French esclair, lightning, from esclairier, to light up, from Vulgar Latin *exclāriāre, from Latin exclārāre : ex-, intensive pref.; see ex- + clārus, clear; see kelə-2 in the Appendix of Indo-European roots.]


(eɪˈklɛə; ɪˈklɛə)
(Cookery) a finger-shaped cake of choux pastry, usually filled with cream and covered with chocolate
[C19: from French, literally: lightning (probably so called because it does not last long), from éclairer, from Latin clārāre to make bright, from clārus bright]


(eɪˈklɛər, ɪˈklɛər, ˈeɪ klɛər)

an elongated cream puff, filled with custard or whipped cream and usu. iced.
[1860–65; < French: literally, lightning (flash), Old French esclair, n. derivative of esclairier to light, flash < Vulgar Latin *exclariāre, for Latin exclārāre=ex- ex-1 + clārāre to make bright]
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Noun1.eclair - oblong cream puffeclair - oblong cream puff      
cream puff, chou - puff filled with cream or custard
chocolate eclair - eclair topped with chocolate
كَعْكَه طَويلَه
çikolata ve kremalı pasta


[ɪˈklɛər] néclair m (CUISINE)


nEclair nt, → Liebesknochen m


[ˈeɪklɛəʳ] nbigné m inv


(iˈklea) noun
a long iced cake usually with cream filling and chocolate icing.
References in classic literature ?
Bredin had entrenched himself behind the cash-desk, peering nervously at Paul through the cream, and Paul, pouring forth abuse in his native tongue, was brandishing a chocolate eclair.
In Europe, visual effects and editing house Mirage in Prague, Czech Republic, has also adopted the system, while Laboratories Eclair, a pioneering film laboratory in Paris, has already graded and mastered several motion pictures using dual lustre master systems and dual lustre assistant stations.
Lady Eclair has a pretty similar profile to Corsica in that she has been on the go a very long time but there seems to be no sign of her progression stopping.
Grumpy Old Women Live has been co-written by comedian, writer and performer Jenny Eclair and Judith Holder, writer and producer of the Liberty Bell TV series.
The woefully under-strength audience at St David's Hall was mainly female, middle class and middle-aged and they roared with recognition as Eclair bounded around the st circus acrobat the decrepitu brings and em fulness, invisib titude it afford But the for who seems to as a 'right old tage like a deluded t, equally ranting at ude that menopause mbracing the forgetbility and relaxed atds her.
Although if, as they say, laughter is the best medicine, then Eclair must be the rescue remedy of the comedy circuit.
The publication contains illustrated recipes using all the ready-to-use pastries with ideas including Japonais, fresh raspberries and creme patissiere, mocha icing for eclairs and chocolate decorations for everything.
25 in a match bet with Lady Eclair As tough as Lady Eclair is, the handicapper must be close to catching up with her judging by the narrow margin of success at Chester last time.
Lady Eclair always performs well over this trip and Mark Johnston's filly has been running well of late.
LADY Eclair can enhance her already impressive strike-rate with victory in the valuable Lanark Silver Bell Handicap at Hamilton today.
Emma Hirons as Mrs Eclair, the Emperor's cake making friend is played with a Cocker-nee cheer - and with the wouldn't it be loverlee style number - to bring to mind some kind of parallel universe bright-hearted Mrs Lovett from Sweeney Todd.
Jimmy Tarbuck, Jenny Eclair (left), Jimmy Carr (right), Tim Vine, Phoenix Nights regular Paddy McGuinness, Harry Hill, Lucy Porter, Lee Mark and Paul Zenon are among those aiming to leave audiences laughing.