economic strangulation

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Noun1.economic strangulation - punishment of a group by cutting off commercial dealings with them; "the economic strangulation of the Jews by the Nazi Party"
penalisation, penalization, penalty, punishment - the act of punishing
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Daily life prospects for several million Palestinians would deteriorate even further as a result of economic strangulation.
Germany avoided a slow defeat through attrition and economic strangulation by the swift victory over France in May-June 1940.
As long as Palestinians are hobbled by their Israeli-induced fragmentation, occupation, dehydration, isolation, siege and economic strangulation, and their own current incompetent leaderships, they will find it very difficult to generate a more effective response to their sustained pain and vulnerabilities.
Economic strangulation of Gaza was meant to undermine Hamas.
After revolution, eight years of war, varying degrees of diplomatic isolation, and economic strangulation, Iran has a demonstrated inclination for managed disorder that tends to hamstring its rivals.
One is to intensify the economic strangulation of Palestinian areas, a policy that has already proven ineffective to stop violence and which Sharon himself considers counterproductive.
The aim of this strategy was the economic strangulation those less able to compete on price.
I think this is an economic strangulation of refugees," said AKEL deputy Aristofanis Georgiou.
The killing of Rohani is tantamount to economic strangulation of our entire family, his brother remarked.
Economic strangulation, restrictions on exports and imports, and a steady creation of dependence are parts of the occupation that have led to a flooding of Israeli goods in West Bank stores.
Israel's economic strangulation of the Strip was bound to end in tears.
We need only think of the continuation of the economic strangulation of Cuba, or of Palestinian requests for UN observers or peacekeepers in the occupied territories, to be reminded of this.