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v. e·con·o·mized, e·con·o·miz·ing, e·con·o·miz·es
1. To practice economy, as by avoiding waste or reducing expenditures.
2. To make economical use of something: "The best that can be said for this method is that it economizes on thought" (Christopher Hitchens).
To use or manage with thrift: the need to economize scarce energy resources.

e·con′o·miz′er n.


(ɪˈkɒnəˌmaɪzə) or


1. (Mechanical Engineering) a device that uses the waste heat from a boiler flue to preheat the feed water
2. a person or thing that economizes
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Noun1.economizer - a frugal person who limits spending and avoids waste
saver - someone who saves (especially money)
stinter - an economizer who stints someone with something
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The upgrades included: a new HVAC unit and economizer, which will increase total cooling output; new, cooler LED stage lighting that will generate less heat as wasted energy; and improved airflow to let excess heat from inside the venue escape more easily.
When Berlin was designated a Green Community on July 24, 2012, the town was awarded $140,350, earmarked for energy conservation measures: at the Memorial School, building envelope improvements and an HVAC energy management; at the public safety/town offices, installation of an AHU-1 economizer (for temperature control) and upgrade of HVAC energy management system; and, at the old Town Hall, replacement of a refrigerator.
On the other hand, an airside economizer uses cold outdoor air to reduce or eliminate mechanical cooling when the outdoor air is cool or cold.
Air Products will manufacture proprietary equipment including coil wound heat exchangers and compressor-expanders at facilities in the United States, and the economizer cold boxes in Tanjung Langsat, Malaysia.
Rising energy costs necessitate new ideas and techniques for heat recovery--such as the Hitec Economizer from GEA Heat Exchangers.
This new Blu-Ray DVD system raises the bar in minivan rear-seat entertainment systems, and is the latest in a long line of innovations like Stow 'n Go seating and a selectable fuel economizer mode.
When a cooling plant operates in economizer mode, high energy-consuming mechanical systems can be turned off.
The company explains that the fuel economizer is a high-tech and globally patented Nano product that revolutionizes conventional internal combustion engine ignition to solve the problems, like carbon deposit due to incomplete fuel combustion and waste gas emission, which cause environmental pollution.
much greater than] The access floor with under-floor air distribution allows energy savings through reductions in fan horsepower and total building airflow, increasing economizer cooling hours of operation.
The heat economizer is made of plane panels, prefabricated from compact concrete, with mark 600 (resistant to corrosion-proof), [1].
In the Balti TPP, in addition to the aforementioned ashes from the CFB system, samples were also collected from the superheater and economizer.
This scission determined by the length of the economizer part [l.