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 (ē′kō-fĭz′ē-ŏl′ə-jē, ĕk′ō-)
The study of the interrelationship between an organism's physical functioning and its environment.

e′co·phys′i·o·log′i·cal (-ə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.
e′co·phys′i·ol′o·gist (-ŏl′ə-jĭst) n.


(Biology) the study of the physiology of organisms with respect to their adaptation to the environment
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meta-omics, microbial ecophysiology, cultivation techniques, cell biology/biochemistry, metabolism/gene expression studies.
Studies on the body biochemical composition during starvation of crustaceans yield information that can be useful for the understanding of their ecophysiology (Lehtonen 1996).
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In my own area, crop ecophysiology and modeling, I work in developing and developed economies with a focus on crop design and management for improved crop adaptation.
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Research interests: plant ecology, plant community; air pollution; biomonitoring; biodiversity information systems; plant ecophysiology and plant responses to climate changes.
After an introductory chapter on the ecophysiology of rice, he profiles nine nutrients in terms of cycle in the soil-plant system, functions, deficiency symptoms, uptake in plant tissue, harvest index, use efficiency, management practices, and references.