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 (ē′kə-tōn′, ĕk′ə-)
A transitional zone between two communities containing species characteristic of each.

[eco- + Greek tonos, tension, tone; see tone.]


(ˈiːkəˌtəʊn; ˈɛkə-)
(Environmental Science) the zone between two major ecological communities
[C20: from eco(logy) + -tone, from Greek tonos tension, tone]
ˈecoˌtonal adj


(ˈɛk əˌtoʊn, ˈi kə-)

the transition zone between two different plant communities, as that between forest and prairie.
[1900–05; eco- + tone < Greek tónos tension]
ec`o•ton′al, adj.


a transitional area or zone between two different forms of vegetation, as between forest and plain. — ecotonal, adj.
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The 31 papers consider such topics as early medieval transhumance in Cornwall, coastal and estuarine approaches to landscape studies in medieval Ireland, long-lasting effects of Viking Age settlements on vegetation in the forest limit ecotone in the Scandinavian mountains, settlement and farming on marginal moorlands of western Jutland, settlement development in the coastal dunes and the coversand region of the central Netherlands during the Middle Ages, margins and centers in the shaping of the Pyrenean slopes, archeology and environmental history of medieval settlements in the northern Black Forest, and tracing environmental changes in marginal landscapes in Hungary.
This lack of study on pre-establishment life stages of trees in the treeline ecotone is understandable considering the difficulty in finding and taking ecophysiological measurements on such small seedlings in the field (i.
tucumana and its egg parasitoids was made on the wild plants and 2 agricultural crops in 58 sites between 26[degrees]22' to 27[degrees]58'S and 64[degrees]33' to 65[degrees]44'W in the following 3 areas: southern Andean Yunga's region, Chaco region, and the ecotone between both regions in Tucuman Province.
Aquatic Coleoptera in the Subtropical-Pampasic ecotone (Argentina, Buenos Aires): species composition and temporal changes.
stilesi) may occur between reciprocally naive populations of endemic and introduced subspecies of muskoxen at the ecotone (interface between [greater than or equal to] 2 regions or habitats) formed by the Mackenzie River (4,21) (category of emergence: host switching and geographic expansion).
Facilities professionals know that consumer demand for buildings that are more energy-and resource efficient, cheaper to build, and healthier to occupy has driven the design of environmentally friendly facilities, Founded and operated by green building experts, Ecotone Publishing LLC hopes to meet the growing demand for authoritative and accessible books on sustainable design and architecture.
The project is being coordinated among team members coming from HKU, UP, as well as Ecotone Resilience.
com)-- Ecotone, an ecological restoration firm, recently developed over one acre of wetlands and restored 2,160 linear feet of stream that runs through the 200-acre First Mine Run property located in the northeastern part of Baltimore County in Maryland.
Her writing and photographs have appeared in Ecotone, Quick Fiction, and Juked.
The location from forestline to treeline, the upper limit of trees where growth is often stunted, is known as the alpine treeline ecotone.
The first two are part of the so-called drought polygon, and the third is in Serra do Cabral, which is a watershed between the tributaries of the Sao Francisco river with trail, wood and rocky outcrop ecotone.