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 (ē′kō-to͝or′ĭz′əm, ĕk′ō-)
Tourism that involves visiting scenic or remote natural areas while attempting to minimize negative impacts on the environment and on the local inhabitants.

e′co·tour′ n.
e′co·tour′ist adj. & n.


(Environmental Science) tourism that is designed to contribute to the protection of the environment or at least minimize damage to it, often involving travel to areas of natural interest in developing countries or participation in environmental projects
ˈecoˌtourist n


(ˌɛk oʊˈtʊər ɪz əm, ˈi koʊ-)
tourism to places having unspoiled natural resources.
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Noun1.ecotourism - tourism to exotic or threatened ecosystems to observe wildlife or to help preserve nature
tourism, touristry - the business of providing services to tourists; "Tourism is a major business in Bermuda"
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But they clearly have the potential to become a nature and ecotourist destination--especially for archaeology lovers--once authorities improve accessibility.
The ecotourism must determine a visitor's status as an ecotourist and encompass the social motive.
Boasting more than 40 national parks, a diverse cultural heritage and rapidly growing urban agriculture and farm-to-table food movements, Canada provides a wealth of unbeatable chances to play ecotourist.
Table 3: Interdependent of Natural Capital and Comments from Tourists of Tasik Chini Types of ecotourists Inter-dependent to What Tourists seek the natural and experience capital as attraction Individual and Lake and rivers, Lake experience, group ecotourist local ecosystem ecotourism, local and local food livelihood Knowledge ecotourist Lake, forest Knowledge within research experiences and station, real life experience, scientific expedition Tourist category Types Sources Implication for natural capital management Individual Mass tourist Lonely Planet 5 viewers giving or planned tourism rather tourist by unsatisfactory for tourist their travel, operator natural assets been threaten, understanding of degrading quality of natural assets.
This book has been designed to be both comprehensive and compact, so it will be easier for any ecotourist to bring it along on a hike or tour.
Other ecotourist firms give visitors a close-up look at the region's rain forests.
The region has long been a popular ecotourist and birding destination as well as a sportfishing paradise.
In one scenario considered, the disease spreads via the muddy boots of an ecotourist or, heaven forbid, a herpetologist.
After all, the main draws for the ecotourist are the unexplored and off-the-beaten-track treasures of Hawaii's natural environment and rich cultural history.
As an ecotourist, the important question to ask when you are planning your holiday is `how is the tourism operation you're visiting directly furthering conservation?
Many high potential ecotourist sites, however, are still largely inaccessible, since they lack trails, local guides, or accommodations.
Located on 16,500 hectares of a communal group ranch, this ecotourist lodge is a flagship for community involvement in tourism.