ecstatic state

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Noun1.ecstatic state - a trance induced by intense religious devotion; does not show reduced bodily functions that are typical of other trances
trance - a state of mind in which consciousness is fragile and voluntary action is poor or missing; a state resembling deep sleep
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You are in an ecstatic state when you are enraptured, terrified, or otherwise "totally involved" with something, whether it is music, prayer, meditation, painting on cave walls, sex, skiing, or even pain.
Above all, by then, over 300 million Indians had been pushed into an ecstatic state by a strange phenomenon, the spiritual equivalent of resonance, when the means of communications were next to nothing in such a vast country.
Without negating her heightened, ecstatic state, she is able to cloak herself in illegibility as if it were her hat and shawl.
In the battleground of your body expressing itself as an artist, how would you give expression to an ecstatic state of being that runs naked down the street with the words 'Eureka' on your lips?
look at their faces, they are not in an ecstatic state of consciousness filled with joy.
David Gray, London, said: "I have to laugh at all those Aberdeen supporters in Union Street still in an ecstatic state after winning a minor trophy.
Dvekut, in kabbalistic thought, is "a kind of ecstatic state in which a person achieves greatest intimacy with the divine," says Yossi Chajes, professor of Jewish history at the University of Haifa.
We need the guidance of a critic who understands what we have called the ecstatic state of response, and the difference, or contrast, between the ideological rhetoric that persuades and the proclamation that takes one out of oneself.
This brought her audiences into a euphoric and ecstatic state.
Bataille was obsessed with the apparent ecstatic state - produced by the effects of the drug - in which the victim died despite having been effectively cut to bits.
it is possible for me only if I am in a constant ecstatic state and behaving to all the world as a complete eccentric.
Roughly translated to mean musical ecstasy, the word tarab is also used as a reference to (1) certain styles of urban, secular music, or "art music," found throughout the Arab Near East; (2) a musical aesthetic associated with the early twentieth century; and, (3) an emotionally ecstatic state that is evoked through musical practices emanating from within these genres.