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1. The outermost of the three primary germ layers of an embryo, from which the epidermis, nervous tissue, and, in vertebrates, sense organs develop.
2. The outer layer of a diploblastic animal, such as a jellyfish.

ec′to·der′mal, ec′to·der′mic adj.
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Adj.1.ectodermal - of or relating to the ectoderm
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All enamel defects are indications of severe stress, because they result from systemic cellular disruption during prenatal and early postnatal life that can affect other ectodermally derived structures, including the brain.
Both the MO and CA are ectodermally derived organs (Cassier, 1990) and produce sesquiterpenoid compounds utilizing the farnesyl diphosphate/isopentenoid biosynthetic pathway (Tobe and Bendena, 1999).
They are ectodermally derived contractile cells that help with the excretion of secretions.
An equal number of ectodermally lined clefts form on the surface of the embryo.
Intracranial dermoid cysts (IDC) are benign, rare, slow growing lesions and they arise from inclusion of ectodermally committed cells at the time of closure of the neural groove between the third and fifth week of embryonic life, thus usually located along the midline (1).

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