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1. The outermost of the three primary germ layers of an embryo, from which the epidermis, nervous tissue, and, in vertebrates, sense organs develop.
2. The outer layer of a diploblastic animal, such as a jellyfish.

ec′to·der′mal, ec′to·der′mic adj.
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Adj.1.ectodermic - of or relating to the ectoderm
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DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS: D/D fall into three groups of developmental errors-those of neurogenic origin-the gliomas, neurofibromas and encephaloceles, those of ectodermic origin-the pilonidal sinus and those of mesodermic origin-the hemangiomas.
This high reproductive capacity allows a queens to store the sperm in her saculiform ectodermic spermatheca throughout her reproductive life (Klenk et al.
Histological examination revealed a heterogeneous entity consisting of two areas: a cystic and a solid one, both comprising a randomly disposed mixture of tissues with ectodermic, mesodermic, and endodermic origins, with histological structure different from that of the filum terminale (Fig.

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