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Shulamith Firestone advocated ectogenesis as the way to free women from pregnancy-related oppression (22).
And at the time, Haldane's ectogenesis was technically unrealizable; no one knew how to produce test-tube babies.
It also recommended criminal prohibitions for sex selection for non-medical purposes, germ-line genetic alteration, ectogenesis, cloning human embryos, creating animal-human hybrids, retrieving sperm or eggs from fetuses or cadavers for fertilization, and research involving the maturation of human gametes outside the human body.
Nicholas Tonti-Filippini, The Embryo Rescue Debate: Impregnating Women, Ectogenesis, and Restoration from Suspended Animation, 3 NAT'L CATH.
A discusses the meaning of the term "artificial womb," focusing on the use of artificial wombs for ectogenesis (human reproduction that occurs entirely outside the body).
Had it not been for ectogenesis there can be little doubt that civilisation would have collapsed within a measurable time owing to the greater fertility of the less desirable members of the population in almost all countries.
The authors, who are experts in law, ethics, and philosophy, discuss such problems as the moral permissibility of ectogenesis, legal management of ectogenesis, and its potential impact on women's reproductive rights and men's ability to have babies without the assistance of women.
Se recogen, en el libro de Atlan, las cuestiones politico-morales que la posibilidad biotecnica de la ectogenesis trae a primera linea y que introducen un nuevo post- en el catalogo: la posthumanidad.
Perhaps some day children will be "grown" entirely in vitro, ex utero, through ectogenesis.
If and when it becomes technically feasible, ectogenesis would have many implications for reproductive rights issues.