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A discusses the meaning of the term "artificial womb," focusing on the use of artificial wombs for ectogenesis (human reproduction that occurs entirely outside the body).
16) We would not have to face the unique questions raised by ectogenesis because children would still be gestated inside an existing person's body.
Most scientists whose research could lead to ectogenesis are focused on developing treatments either for infertility or for the complications of premature birth.
Even medically indicated ectogenesis would be available only to the relatively well-off, as is true today for expensive treatments for neonates and for infertility.
Had it not been for ectogenesis there can be little doubt that civilisation would have collapsed within a measurable time owing to the greater fertility of the less desirable members of the population in almost all countries.
If ectogenesis were even possible, we could play all the tricks we liked on the early development of man .
is, here, quite direct: both look to Haldane's ectogenesis as a cornerstone for a new society.
The authors, who are experts in law, ethics, and philosophy, discuss such problems as the moral permissibility of ectogenesis, legal management of ectogenesis, and its potential impact on women's reproductive rights and men's ability to have babies without the assistance of women.
The Brave New World scenario would mean women no longer need to carry a baby from conception, using ectogenesis instead.
The process - known medically as ectogenesis - has already been used to give birth to a goat in Japan.
ectogenesis (maintaining an embryo outside of the human body; i.
The CNB unanimously recommended that practices of artificial reproduction inspired by racial prejudices be banned; that the practice of using gametes or embryos for artificial reproduction without the interested parties' consent be prohibited; that any commercial or industrial exploitation of gametes, embryos, or fetal tissues be banned, along with any form of compensation, brokerage, or advertisement; that embryo splitting, cloning, and ectogenesis with the object of procreation be forbidden; that the production of hybrids or chimeras and interspecific implantations be legally prohibited; that producing embryos solely for scientific purposes be forbidden.