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An organism that depends on external sources for its body heat.


an animal whose body temperature is determined by ambient temperature, and hence any animal except birds and mammals


(ˈɛk təˌθɜrm)

a cold-blooded animal.
ec`to•ther′mic, adj.
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Noun1.ectotherm - an animal whose body temperature varies with the temperature of its surroundings; any animal except birds and mammals
animal, animate being, beast, creature, fauna, brute - a living organism characterized by voluntary movement
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The temperature-sensitive nature of ectotherm growth rates compounds the need for accurate growth estimates given current and predicted future global temperature increases (Rountrey et al.
Members of the genus Candida, particularly C albicans, are commensal dimorphic fungi that inhabit the skin as well as the upper-respiratory, alimentary, and genital tracts of humans and ectotherm animals, including birds.
1998), due to ectotherm behavior, the digestion in Testudines is influenced by environmental temperature, as reported by Meyer (1998), for Testudo hermanni, stating that the residence time of the contrast in the gastrointestinal tract was relatively short, and were not observed, satisfactorily, details of intestinal mucosa.
Other topics covered include the role of protein biosysnthesis in synaptic plasticity, secreted protein and peptide biosynthesis, and the effects of temperature on ectotherm protein metabolism.
Mike Demlong, formerly the Ectotherm Curator at the Phoenix Zoo, is now the Amphibians and Reptiles Program Manager for the Arizona Game and Fish Department.
Sprint speed, in particular, can be critical for an ectotherm attempting escape from a potential predator (van Berkum et al.
Other arboviruses infect a variety of ectotherms, including species of lizards (2-4), snakes (5-11), and turtles (12,13), but the knowledge of ectotherm involvement in the ecology of WNV is limited.
Milne Edwards, 1837) is a sublittoral ectotherm with a limited homeostatic ability to adapt to rapid environmental changes.
Hot rocks and much-too-hot rocks: seasonal patterns of retreat-site selection by a nocturnal ectotherm.
Temperature-dependent effects of cadmium and purine nucleotides on mitochondrial aconitase from a marine ectotherm, Crassostrea virginica: a role of temperature in oxidative stress and allosteric enzyme regulation.
However, rings in the bone suggest that Troodon stopped growing occasionally - more like an ectotherm than an endotherm.