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 (ĕk′yə-mĕn′ĭ-kəl) also ec·u·men·ic (-mĕn′ĭk)
1. Of worldwide scope or applicability; universal.
a. Of or relating to the worldwide Christian church.
b. Concerned with establishing or promoting unity among churches or religions.

[From Late Latin oecūmenicus, from Greek oikoumenikos, from (hē) oikoumenē (gē), (the) inhabited (world), feminine present passive participle of oikein, to inhabit, from oikos, house; see weik- in Indo-European roots.]

ec′u·men′i·cal n.
ec′u·men′i·cal·ism n.
ec′u·men′i·cal·ly adv.


adv (form)ökumenisch; (introducing a sentence) → vom ökumenischen Standpunkt aus
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But as a Catholic who married into a staunch, albeit ecumenically minded, Lutheran family and who worships in both Catholic and Lutheran churches, I was struck by the genuine interest in and concern among many Protestants for who was going to be sitting in Peter's chair and what his election would mean.
He has contributed an incalculable good to a wide range of world events and situations and to the life of the Church, both within the Roman Catholic Communion and ecumenically.
They were pensioners aged from 70 to 97, chosen ecumenically for their service to the church and community.
In his 1948 Episcopal Address to the 33rd General Conference of the AME Church, Wright urged the denomination to form a formal social service branch so they could address social concerns ecumenically.
In this new era of corporate communications, companies will have to hire and train individuals with the skills needed to get the message across far more ecumenically than ever, using multiple channels that might include social networking media.
The Diyar Consortium, an association of Lutheran-based and ecumenically oriented institution inBethlehem, is Scort's main project partner.
INVITATION: Durham Dr Bishop Tom said: "Durham has in recent years become a major global centre for ecumenical work and the close interlinking of Cathedral and University means that Durham is well-placed to host an event which is simultaneously academic and ecumenically spiritual.
His religious group was particularly ecumenically minded and was interested in education and "reasonable" (p.
But since that day I kept pondering on the question and if this is a poor country, then I am ecumenically concerned with the definition of "a rich country" and is Namibia a rich or poor country?
All of which is to say that coming together ecumenically (and I hope someday in an interfaith way) can be an important means of being faithful to our individual traditions as well as to the one Lord we all serve.
In which case why not go the whole hog and name the programme Strictly Nondenominational or Ecumenically Knocks?
All churches work very well ecumenically, and interfaith activity is strong as well," says Pollesel.