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Having no teeth; toothless.

[From Latin ēdentulus : ē-, ex-, ex- + dēns, dent-, tooth; see dent- in Indo-European roots.]


(iːˈdɛntʃʊləs) or


(Dentistry) having no teeth


(iˈdɛn tʃə ləs)

lacking teeth; toothless.
[1775–85; < Latin ēdentulus=ē- e- + dent-, s. of dēns tooth + -ulus -ulous]
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Adj.1.edentulous - having lost teeth
toothless - lacking teeth; "most birds are toothless"; "a toothless old crone"


n. desdentado, sin dientes.
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Conceivably, completely edentulous subjects may not be able to consume foods as nutritious as that consumed by dentate or partially dentate subjects.
But improvements in dental care, nutrition and overall medical care already are starting to reduce the ranks of the edentulous.
Even with his edentulous (toothless) jaws, he was now able to undertake a small amount of mastication.
One of the most common is oral denture stomatitis, a Candida infection of the oral mucosa promoted by a close-fitting upper denture present in 65% of edentulous persons (5,8).
population aged 65 and older who are edentulous (have no teeth) is about 33 percent, according to Oral Health in America: A Report of the Surgeon General, issued in 2000.
Product marketer/R&D jockey (PMRD): We've invited you here because we're looking for a product that we can obtain an exclusive on, with human clinical trials and some real IP, not the edentulous type.
Pulse granulomas occur most frequently in the oral cavity of edentulous patients or in patients with a history of dental procedures.
However, many of these studies have been on small numbers of dental patients who were edentulous.
Dentures properly constructed that fit the edentulous areas and have perfect biting relationships rarely, if ever, require the use of adhesives.
OPG findings confirmed hypodontia with the presence of cone-shaped primary incisors, and three tooth buds of permanent teeth (incisors and canine) and totally edentulous mandible without any tooth buds of permanent tooth.