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a. A thin, sharpened side, as of the blade of a cutting instrument.
b. The degree of sharpness of a cutting blade.
c. A penetrating, incisive quality: "His simplicity sets off the satire, and gives it a finer edge" (William Hazlitt).
d. A slight but noticeable sharpness, harshness, or discomforting quality: His voice had an edge to it.
e. Keenness, as of desire or enjoyment; zest: The brisk walk gave an edge to my appetite.
a. The line or area farthest away from the middle: lifted the carpet's edge. See Synonyms at border.
b. The line of intersection of two surfaces: the edge of a brick.
c. A rim or brink: the edge of a cliff.
d. The point at which something is likely to begin: on the edge of war.
3. A margin of superiority; an advantage: a slight edge over the opposition.
v. edged, edg·ing, edg·es
a. To give an edge to (a blade); sharpen.
b. To tilt (a ski or both skis) in such a way that an edge or both edges bite into the snow.
a. To put a border or edge on: edged the quilt with embroidery.
b. To act as or be an edge of: bushes that edged the garden path.
3. To advance or push slightly or gradually: The dog edged the ball with its nose.
4. To trim or shape the edge of: edge a lawn.
5. To surpass or beat by a small margin. Often used with out: The runner edged her opponent out at the last moment.
To move gradually or hesitantly: The child edged toward the door.
on edge
Highly tense or nervous; irritable.
on the edge
1. In a precarious position.
2. In a state of keen excitement, as from danger or risk: "the excitement of combat, of living on the edge" (Nelson DeMille).

[Middle English egge, from Old English ecg; see ak- in Indo-European roots.]

edge′less adj.
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Adj.1.edgeless - lacking a cutting edge
dull - not having a sharp edge or point; "the knife was too dull to be of any use"
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A blunderbuss and two swords hung above the chimney-piece, for the terror of evil- doers, but the blunderbuss was rusty and shattered, and the swords were broken and edgeless.
For these adolescents, typical feelings of constraint and stultification are amplified by their hometown's edgeless, inoffensive exterior.
com/iphone-x-review-rates-best-smartphone-display-quality-2611197) with an edgeless display.
Sango's ultra-thin, edgeless 15-inch LCD touchmonitor uses the latest projected capacitive (PCAP) multi-touch technology for a bright, ultra-smooth touch experience that withstands rigorous use.
From farther back, one could take in the totality of the room, but the cylindrical, edgeless expanses destabilized their surroundings and further confused the viewer's registration of space.
What Xiaomi has done is to take them down entirely with its new, edgeless Xiaomi Mi MIX.
The Xiaomi Mi Mix sports an edgeless design with a screen-to-body ratio of 91.
Tenders are invited for Plain Glass Of Size: 1270Mm X 540 Mm X 8Mm Thick With Edgeless Diamond Polish
These late drawings detail the surfaces and folds of earth around tree roots, and they are spatially amorphous, edgeless and intimate.
It will provide edgeless connectivity with new ways for devices and things to connect and interact.
Applying foundation, powder, blush and even eye make-up with the elliptical, edgeless sponge leaves your face beautifully flawless with no lines or smears.
All graphs we consider are undirected and loopless; to avoid trivialities we do not consider edgeless graphs.