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n. pl. ed·i·tors-at-large (-tərz-)
An editor or writer who contributes to a publication but is not part of the full-time staff.
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Francis Matthew, editor-at-large of Gulf News, was arrested after his wife Jane Matthew, 62, died on 4 July.
Somebody like Melanie Rickey, editor-at-large of Grazia, is a very high-profile fashion writer.
co-founder of Flack + Kurtz; Kenneth Wampler, Executive Director of Alpha Workshops; and writer Nadine Post, Editor-at-Large for Engineering News-Record.
org, is editor-at-large and an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University.
Time editor-at-large Nancy Gibbs said the three had been selected for being shrewd about doing good, for rewiring politics and re-engineering justice and then daring the rest of the world to follow.
News and World Report editor-at-large and director of Harvard's JFK School of Government Center for Public Leadership, spoke at the banquet.
Schaible, Mequoda Library editor-at-large and former director, SWEPA; Terri Edmonston, senior Mequoda Project Leader and website reviewer; John Clausen, author, copywriter, and editor, Writing for Money; and Stuart Jordan, COO, University Health Publishing.
When national magazines dedicate their pages to highlighting style and design innovation, they rarely include the work of black designers," says Editor-at-Large Carolyn Brown, who oversaw development of the story.
With an impeccable sense of history, Jones, an editor-at-large of the National Catholic Reporter and the author of eight books, has written a scholarly retrospective.
Fred Moore, our storage editor-at-large, has clearly warned that electric power is the Achilles heel of the computer industry.
Mark has extensive business journalism experience serving as editor-at-large for Online Investor magazine and currently as a regular columnist for the online financial site, TheStreet.
To start your own walking regimen, pick up another book by Mark Fenton, Walking Magazine's editor-at-large, titled ``The Complete Guide to Walking for Health, Weight Loss and Fitness'' (Lyons Press; $24.