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Noun1.editorial department - the department of a publishing business that edits material for publication
business department - a division of a business firm
city desk, city room - the editorial department of a newspaper that edits the local news
sports desk - the editorial department of a newspaper that edits the sports news
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She had joined KUNA in early 1990s as a secretary at the editorial department.
Send donations to Give A Child Health Fund, Sunday Mercury, Editorial Department, Floor 6, Fort Dunlop, Fort Parkway, Birmingham, B24 9FF.
It is my pleasure, however, to tell you that the Rubber World editorial department will continue in very capable hands with Jill Rohrer, Rubber Worlds long-time managing editor, taking over the top editorial post.
She previously worked in the editorial department of the New York Times, researching and writing articles on education.
Just before Christmas, the GRIT editorial department forwarded a letter written to me by a subscriber, Doris Zankowsky in Norris, Montana, who'd read my article on chokecherries ("Pucker Up
In the newsroom, that's with Craig Whitney or Bill Schmidt; in the editorial department, that's with Carla Robbins for board members and Andy Rosenthal for columnists).
You can email our editorial department at editorial@examiner.
Uncle Len S end your letters, drawings and photos to Club Corner, Chipper Club, Editorial Department, Birmingham Mail, PO Box 78, Weaman Street, Birmingham B4 6AY.
Police say two men invaded the editorial department and held several reporters at gunpoint including, Editor-in-Chief, Adam Harris.
Michaelle has done a great job since shifting from her position as classified sales manager to the editorial department," said Rich Christianson, associate publisher and editorial director.
He graduated to malting blueprints in the art department and then moved into the editorial department.
In the editorial department, I had a chance to work side by side with the publication's editors, as did Janelle A.