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Capable of being educated or taught: educable youngsters.

ed′u·ca·bil′i·ty n.


[ˌedjʊkəˈbɪlɪtɪ] Neducabilidad f
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Arguably, more than the question of a child's innate criminality or educability, it is this "docibility" or "tractability" toward adults which is central to Defoe's successful representation of the boy thief as a rather endearing figure worthy of the reader's charity.
A socio-linguistic approach to socialization: with some reference to educability.
Following components educability of motricity, we will try to synthesize those forms that overlap with pedagogical approach.
Lyons, To Wash an Aethiop White: British ideas about Black African educability 1530-1960], Journal of African History 17 (3): 467-9.
80) found it "disconcerting" that Plato's "sole ground" for his claim about the educability of the Guardians "is an analogy with animals".
The micronutrient deficiencies results in health damage, learning disabilities, cause death, harm reproduction, reduce intelligence, educability and academic achievement and damage work productivity and occupational choices.
That vision forms the basis for assertions about the very educability and, hence, employability of the supernumeraries (Castel, 2003), or, in Foucault (2007) terms the liminal population.
Learning potential and educability among the educable mentally retarded (Final Report Project No.
White teachers tend to regard poor children of color and English language learners as having low educability.
This article explores the relationship between wonder and education in a pedagogical context on human educability.
Writing and reading are marvels of our educability, learned at large cost--unlike spoken language, which is innate and emerges effortlessly.
Faced with an illiteracy rate of nearly 14 percent among its eligible draftee population, the military developed an eight-week crash course in literacy training: an experiment that persuaded instructors of the educability of all races, while also convincing them of participants' enduring gratitude.