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Noun1.educational institution - an institution dedicated to educationeducational institution - an institution dedicated to education
institution, establishment - an organization founded and united for a specific purpose
preschool - an educational institution for children too young for elementary school
school - an educational institution; "the school was founded in 1900"
school - an educational institution's faculty and students; "the school keeps parents informed"; "the whole school turned out for the game"
college - an institution of higher education created to educate and grant degrees; often a part of a university
university - a large and diverse institution of higher learning created to educate for life and for a profession and to grant degrees
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Wopsle's great-aunt, besides keeping this Educational Institution, kept - in the same room - a little general shop.
These were the ambitious youths of the race, at work with an earnestness that put to shame the conventional student life of most educational institutions.
In a letter, EDO Education and DEO have said that no educational institution can receive additional amount with monthly fees and in case of any complaints, action would be taken against owner of that educational institution under departmental rules and regulations.
With Clusty's Site Search Service, a visitor that searches a nonprofit or educational institution Web site is directed to a dedicated search tab at Clusty.
In awarding Strategic Energy our contract, we believe we have selected an experienced and highly qualified partner that is truly committed to assisting our educational institution attain our electricity goals of reducing costs while receiving a firm power supply.
According to Prohibition of Smoking and Protection of Non-Smokers Health Ordinance 2002, not only smoking in educational institution is banned but also the sale and purchase of tobacco items is prohibited within 50 meters of their periphery.
We are pleased to work with such a well-respected educational institution to help make it easier for them to monitor and repair Web content to provide the highest standards in accessibility.
The public notice further said in case of non-compliance of the above decision by any private educational institution of ICT, parents may forward their complaints to the incharge of grievance cell setup in the office of PEIRA.
As per the University Grants Commission (Mandatory Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Educational Institutions) Regulations, 2012, notified on 19th January, 2013, it is mandatory for each Higher Educational Institution to get accredited by an Accreditation Agency after passing out of two batches or six years, whichever is earlier, in accordance with the norms and methodology prescribed by such agency or the Commission, as the case may be.
In a question about the reasons for enrolling by some students at unrecognized universities, al-Jabri said that the Ministry of Higher Education always recommends that students wishing to complete their university studies to ensure the recognition of the educational institution, study system and the accreditation of the programs they wish to enroll at by visiting the Ministry's website or by contacting the department to ascertain the accreditation of the educational institution before admission, so that the student gets recognized degrees and not to lose time and money for nothing.
This bill permits beneficiaries of prepaid contracts to transfer the benefits of a prepaid contract to any eligible educational institution as defined in [section]529 of the Internal Revenue Code.
The Oxford Educational Institution, Bangalore is known for academic excellence and covers the whole gamut of needs from primary level to post graduate level in the academic fields of teacher's training, management, hospitality, industry, science, engineering, information technology, nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, dental education and medical courses.

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