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 (ĕj′ə-kā′shə-nĭst) also ed·u·ca·tion·al·ist (-shə-nə-lĭst)
A specialist in the theory of education.


(ˌɛdʒ ʊˈkeɪ ʃə nɪst)

also ed`u•ca′tion•al•ist,

a specialist in educational theory; educator.


1. British. aneducator.
2. a specialist in the theory and methods of education. Also called educationalist.
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Noun1.educationist - a specialist in the theory of education
specialiser, specialist, specializer - an expert who is devoted to one occupation or branch of learning
إخْتِصاصي في التَّرْبِيَه، مُرَبٍّ


[ˌɛdʒʊˈkeɪʃənɪst] n (British) (= educationalist) → éducateur/trice m/f


(ˈedjukeit) verb
to train and teach. He was educated at a private school.
ˌeduˈcation noun
instruction and teaching, especially of children and young people in schools, universities etc. His lack of education prevented him from getting a good job.
ˌeduˈcational adjective
1. of education. educational methods.
2. providing information. Our visit to the zoo was educational as well as enjoyable.
ˌeduˈcation(al)ist noun
an expert in methods of educating.
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Jahan Bakht is renowned educationist and Scientist of Pakistan.
Moreover, this university has given Five Star by Charter Inspection and Evaluation committee is working under the dynamic leadership of well known educationist of the country, former Vice Chancellor, Karachi University and Director, IBA Prof.
The programme held at Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto Auditorium of the university was presided by senior educationist Shaista M.
been appointing better people than the past over 60 years of Congress hegemony over educational institutions,"said right- wing educationist Dinanath Batra.
Bharat Ratna announced earlier for noted educationist and freedom fighter Madan Mohan Malviya will be given posthumously to his family members on March 30 at Rashtrapati Bhavan.
Indian Ambassador Hamid Ali Rao said: "In his death, we have lost a great educationist of modern India.
Holiday Educationist has recently developed professional grade “Test your readiness” programs for CCNA composite and its split versions (ICND1 100-101 & ICND2 200-101) exams.
Paying rich tribute to the Acharya, the President highlighted that by taking a few lessons from the life of this great educationist, we must improve our educational system by imparting quality education.
Shri Abhijit Mukherjee, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha unveiled the Foundation Stone of the Sports Academy and Wellness Centre, named after freedom fighter and educationist late Shri Kamada Kinkar Mukherjee, father of the President.
Noted historian and educationist Professor Dr Mehdi Hassan has paid a visit to Pak Sham School & College (PSS).
What type of establishment was founded in 1836 by German educationist Friedrich Froebel?
The educationist further said that the centre had so far completed eleven batches during which a total of 25078 literacy centres were established where a total 56450 males and females were made literate.

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