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 (ĕj′ə-kā′shə-nĭst) also ed·u·ca·tion·al·ist (-shə-nə-lĭst)
A specialist in the theory of education.


(ˌɛdʒ ʊˈkeɪ ʃə nɪst)

also ed`u•ca′tion•al•ist,

a specialist in educational theory; educator.


1. British. aneducator.
2. a specialist in the theory and methods of education. Also called educationalist.
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Noun1.educationist - a specialist in the theory of education
specialiser, specialist, specializer - an expert who is devoted to one occupation or branch of learning
إخْتِصاصي في التَّرْبِيَه، مُرَبٍّ


[ˌɛdʒʊˈkeɪʃənɪst] n (British) (= educationalist) → éducateur/trice m/f


(ˈedjukeit) verb
to train and teach. He was educated at a private school.
ˌeduˈcation noun
instruction and teaching, especially of children and young people in schools, universities etc. His lack of education prevented him from getting a good job.
ˌeduˈcational adjective
1. of education. educational methods.
2. providing information. Our visit to the zoo was educational as well as enjoyable.
ˌeduˈcation(al)ist noun
an expert in methods of educating.
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In developed countries, the people love books and spend time reading them,' said educationist Shakil Khan.
SUKKUR -- Renowned educationist Erum Bhatti Saturday called for joint efforts to improve educational facilities in remote areas for the socio-economic development.
04 (ANI): Eminent Bangladeshi science fiction writer and educationist Prof.
While talking to newsmen, prominent educationist Syed Tahir Ahmed Shah said he made initiative to eliminate usage of unfair means and ill practice during board examinations and he launched such crusade against unfair means and ill practices.
Known educationist Baela Raza Jamil will moderate discussion, "Universities or Nurseries of Terrorism?
Nassir Kasuri, Executive Director Beaconhouse and educationist, explained that the vision and purpose behindthis series of exhibitions by Beaconhousewas to educate parents and students regarding the role these tools will play in our everyday daily lives as well as education, and these exhibitions would expose our children to them and help prepare them for the times to come.
A foremost educationist and High Chief in Egbaland, Chief Abayomi Jiboku is dead.
Surely, a perplexing course that the students are fraught with difficulties to do, needs to be taught by the educationist or subject specialist, but some rural cities encompass a great number of schools where you hardly find any subject specialist to teach the painstaking courses: Oxford, Afaq, and Gaba series and, etc.
Outgoing Member of Parliament and educationist Dr Baburam Pokharel passed away on Sunday.
An educationist by profession, Dhan Kumar Ghalley, 51, is one of the aspiring candidates who will be contesting in the National Council election next year from Samtse.
MULTAN -- A special literary sitting, organised with reference to 'Art and cultural policy work of Punjab government' was held at Multan Arts Council with renowned educationist and artist Anwar Jamal in the chair.
Shurhozelie win unopposed in the coming by-election of the 10 Northern Angami-I Assembly Constituency shattered as Kekhrie Yhome, a young outspoken and educationist, declared that he would give a fight against the former.

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