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 (ĭ-do͞os′, ĭ-dyo͞os′)
tr.v. e·duced, e·duc·ing, e·duc·es
1. To draw or bring out; elicit. See Synonyms at evoke.
2. To infer or work out from given facts: educe principles from experience.

[Middle English educen, to direct the flow of, from Latin ēdūcere : ē-, ex-, ex- + dūcere, to lead; see deuk- in Indo-European roots.]

e·duc′i·ble adj.
e·duc′tion (ĭ-dŭk′shən) n.


1. something educed
2. the act or process of educing
3. (Mechanical Engineering) the exhaust stroke of a steam or internal-combustion engine. Compare induction
[C17: from Latin ēductiō, from ēdūcere to educe]


the process of deducing or inferring. — eductive, adj.
See also: Thinking
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Khartoum, 13 Oct (SUNA) - The Minister for Education, Farah Mustafa Abdullah, has pledged to improve the eduction work conditions, and to take all necessary steps for achieving that end.
Dr Mohammad Akram Chaudhry has said that progress of the country depends on promoting merit in all fields especially in eduction.
Contract notice: Contract for construction of intercetor starling (phase ii) and the eduction pipe espinheira.
A total of 27,910 Scottish applicants have won places in higher eduction in the UK.
The fact Wales' chief inspector of eduction has seen no real improvement in the year since her last report is as depressing as it is a concern.
There's also been sustained increases in the numbers of medical students entering medical eduction.
ANKARA (CyHAN)- Turkish police fired tear gas, pepper spray and water cannon to prevent nearly 3,000 protesters from marching toward the Eduction Ministry in Ankara to protest the education policies of the government.
Among the topics are producing learning resources for studying information technology with limited project management capacity, project management methods for implementing an online faculty development course, an integrated management approach in a higher eduction technology support unit, a blended learning approach to refresher training in clinical psychology supervision, and implementing simulators to facilitatelearning for initial entry soldiers.
The staff is very well trained and there is an emphasis on eduction for the customers.
Bachelor's Degree programs will be kept only in those higher education institutions which prepare specialists properly with 5-year program, Minister of Education Kanat Sadykov said at the meeting with the rectors of higher eduction institutions of Kyrgyzstan while discussing measures to fight against corruption on January 14 in Bishkek.
Wael Ghonim Google's head of marketing tweeted that he is taking a sabbatical from Google to start a tech Non government organization to "fight poverty and foster eduction.
The solution involves better eduction, health care and jobs for Bulgarian Roma, according to the Ambassador, who also spoke about crime spread among the Roma community being a serious issue for the country.