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n. pl. eelpout or eel·pouts
1. Any of various bottom-dwelling marine fishes of the family Zoarcidae, having a large head and an elongated body with dorsal and anal fins that are continuous with the caudal fin.
2. See burbot.


1. (Animals) any marine eel-like blennioid fish of the family Zoarcidae, such as Zoarces viviparus (viviparous eelpout or blenny)
2. (Animals) another name for burbot
[Old English ǣlepūte; related to Middle Dutch aalpuit]



1. any fish of the family Zoarcidae, esp. Zoarces viviparus, of Europe.
2. burbot.
[before 1000]
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Noun1.eelpout - marine eellike mostly bottom-dwelling fishes of northern seaseelpout - marine eellike mostly bottom-dwelling fishes of northern seas
blennioid, blennioid fish - elongated mostly scaleless marine fishes with large pectoral fins and reduced pelvic fins
viviparous eelpout, Zoarces viviparus - an eelpout of northern Europe that is viviparous
fish doctor, Gymnelis viridis - brightly colored scaleless Arctic eelpout
Macrozoarces americanus, ocean pout - common along northeastern coast of North America
2.eelpout - elongate freshwater cod of northern Europe and Asia and North America having barbels around its moutheelpout - elongate freshwater cod of northern Europe and Asia and North America having barbels around its mouth
codfish, cod - major food fish of Arctic and cold-temperate waters
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Peter Cott, a researcher at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada stationed in the Northwest Territories, made a fascinating discovery about one of our lesser known fish species, the burbot or eelpout (Lota lota).
DNA damage in eelpout (Zoarces viviparus) from Goteborg harbour.
In addition to the species listed in Table 1, Johansen mentioned, in an unpublished manuscript, nine other species: broad whitefish (Coregonus nasus), sardine cisco (Coregonus sardinella), saffron cod (Eleginus gracilis), fourline snakeblenny (Eumesogrammus praecisus), fish doctor (Gymnelus viridis), polar eelpout (Lycodes turneri), hamecon (Artediellus scaber), Artedius sp.
The otoliths from two Canadian eelpout, Lycodes polaris, were also measureable, but because no size or weight conversions have been developed for this species, fish size could not be estimated (Table 5).
In total 13 flounders a rockling and an eelpout were weighed in, all of them coming from Whitby harbour and piers.
4]), the samples were analysed individually (herring, smelt, perch, eelpout, and flounder from the sea).
Other common species included Blackbelly Eelpout (Lycodes pacificus) and Pacific Tomcod (Microgadus proximus).
Oxidative stress during stressful heat exposure and recovery in the north sea eelpout Zoarces viviparus.
Leech Lake is an important year round fishing destination; the lake even hosts the annual International Eelpout (Lota Iota) Festival.
Climate induced temperature effects on growth performance, fecundity and recruitment in marine fish: developing a hypothesis for cause and effect relationships in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) and common eelpout (Zoar ces viviparus).
But whether you know it as eelpout, dogfish or lawyer, the burbot is a unique fish that should be admired, and one that could serve as an indicator of how global environmental changes could impact New York's fishes.
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