eff off


w>eff off

vi (euph sl)sich verpissen (sl)
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The faces on Michelle and Denise's face when this happens are like someone told the teacher to eff off.
Frozen and dispirited, mutiny was afoot as Hugh's offer was declined with a disrespectful "no thanks" and a more industrial eff off.
Generally speaking, women just told the bad blokes to eff off.
On the third time of asking he stared at me, barked (which sounded remarkably like eff off Fatso) then turned imperiously on his heels and went to lie down in his bed.
No doubt anyone complaining to the appropriatelynamed Ms Wale would have received a mouthful of abuse telling them that it was her house and she'd effing well do as she effing well wanted so eff off.
You can imagine when the arbiters have their regular gettogethers that they all have a good laugh swapping tales of how they told Rooney to eff off or that Lamps had no right calling anyone fat with the belly on him, etc, but such inplay dialogue is pointless and should be stopped immediately.
It was a bit like him saying 'You eff off over there while I turn my guitars up'.
If it was a 6ft yob who had told them to eff off, they would not have been here today.
Most women are perfectly capable of telling a bloke to eff off if he whistles at her.
No offence to our pals over the water but the SFA should tell them to eff off.