eff off


w>eff off

vi (euph sl)sich verpissen (sl)
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His 15 minutes are well and truly up, but instead of having the good grace to eff off, he's trying to squeeze out more.
I should tell him to eff off but instead I say: "I'm a bit busy, ring me back at five o'clock, 7.
Robbie later complained to his dad Peter: "I was being told to eff off all over the county.
But the behaviour of the standside linesman was absolutely appalling - telling players to eff off and things like that.
I walked back pointing my finger and saying they were bang out of order with what they had said and the main one turned and told me to eff off.
Rooney tells a ref to eff off and he needs anger management lessons.
Goodbye annoying small kitchen and eff off horrible blue wallpaper.
And a rare chance to catch naughty Sean Lock telling shy retiring Jimmy Carr to eff off on their swearing version of Countdown.
Robbie should not be telling fans to eff off when they have paid pounds 60 to see him/them.
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Throwing herself upon the dad she hasn't seen for 11 years, he, quite reasonably, tells her to eff off.
About three programmes ago there was a particularly Chav-ish family (according to Firstborn) whose children had learned to swear at an early age and were not averse to telling their parents to eff off.