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Having or showing qualities or characteristics more often associated with females than males; unmanly: "gentle, kind, effeminate remorse" (Shakespeare).

[Middle English effeminat, from Latin effēminātus, past participle of effēmināre, to make feminine : ex-, ex- + fēmina, woman; see dhē(i)- in Indo-European roots.]

ef·fem′i·na·cy (-nə-sē), ef·fem′i·nate·ness n.
ef·fem′i·nate n.
ef·fem′i·nate·ly adv.
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His feet were effeminately small, and were clad in buff-coloured silk stockings, and little womanish bronze-leather slippers.
If a man were to wear effeminate clothing or were to walk or speak effeminately, he may have had a claim.
To wit, after Kint is picked up outside the police station by his foreign and dandified associate, the man known as Kobayashi (Pete Posthelwaite) in his testimony, Kint smokes a cigarette effeminately.
She really is a 'one'," I tutted, a tad effeminately.
Coales reportedly caused outrage after she suggested that if gay junior doctors deepened their voices and behaved effeminately around patients, they would stand a better chance of impressing their examiners.
The Spaniards identified these "young men in women's apparel, smooth and effeminately decked" as sexual tools and accused the new king of having "abused with preposterous Venus.
At one point, the man effeminately skips, his arms flying out to possess space, a bold gesture of the right to existence, to joy and exuberance, pure means without ends.
2) The tendency for men to dress effeminately was already a theatrical trope; in the language of the comedia, the lindo (pretty boy) on stage was simultaneously cultivated and castigated.
Wallace's passage stated, "from the floor where he had fallen, a youth was brought forward, so effeminately beautiful he might have passed for the drinking-god himself--only the crown would have dropped from his head, and the thyrsus from his hand" (235-36).
Jeff Haslam, one of Edmonton's most accomplished actors, has brilliant comic timing and his effeminately posturing Sir Joseph Porter was suitably silly and always fun to watch.