vas efferens

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vas ef·fer·ens

 (ĕf′ər-ənz, -ə-rĕnz′)
n. pl. vasa ef·fer·en·ti·a (ĕf′ə-rĕn′shē-ə)
Any of a number of small ducts that carry semen from the testis to the epididymis.

[New Latin vās efferēns : vās, duct + Latin efferēns, present participle of efferre, to carry out.]
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A tiny arterial branch supplies blood to each node, there is a small vein as well as an efferent lymphatic leaving the hilum (2).
Cystic hygromas are caused by a lack of drainage of selected efferent lymphatic vessels due to atresia of those lymph channels during early embryologic development.
Within the lymph nodes, the lymphocytes are then transported to the cortical sinuses, the medullary sinus, and finally to the efferent lymphatics, by sensing the S1P concentration gradient in an [S1P.