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Producing or capable of producing a desired effect. See Synonyms at effective.

[From Latin efficāx, efficāc-, from efficere, to effect; see effect.]

ef′fi·ca′cious·ly adv.
ef′fi·ca′cious·ness n.
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Adv.1.efficaciously - in an effective manner; "these are real problems that can be dealt with most effectively by rational discussion"
ineffectively, inefficaciously - in an ineffective manner; "he dealt with the problem rather ineffectively"
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You think, then, that you can help me more efficaciously than your brothers?
Despite having a broad deterrent purpose, the exclusionary rule does not apply to all proceedings or against all persons and is generally restricted to areas in which the goal of deterring unlawful police conduct is most efficaciously served, wrote appellate court judge Carol Hooten in her opinion, noting that a recent trend in U.
Moreover, the industrial and agricultural sector are both vital in order to efficaciously achieve sustainable growth.
DPO Kasur rubbished the perception that police have not worked efficaciously to solve the case.
itself, appoint experienced personnel to efficaciously manage its affairs and give thorough supervision to movement of oil to ensure they get to the real owners as against diversionary practice often made against oil lifting tank drivers by the people.
And, we find today, due to trade efforts and promotional cultural exchange, a concoction of fusion foods topped efficaciously with kimchi that also has staying power.
Smaller advanced technologically focused companies like Tendeka are not burdened by mandated cycle times and large commodity portfolios to keep busy and can innovate quicker and more efficaciously.
USA and was efficaciously accountable for Sales and designing various power houses in both captive and standby power generation.
To reduce the incidence of these comments from your patients in the future, I would like to offer the following observations on how to use supplemental melatonin most efficaciously with patients desiring to improve sleep quality:
IAM Training enhances the education of doctors to efficaciously treat addiction and meet this enormous demand.
Anganwadis have efficaciously proved their useful role for developing healthy habits such as correct brushing techniques and hand washing through non-formal education methods (learning by play way activities).
3,4 The awareness about SW is important for medical students as they are the future professionals who take an oath to treat the patients efficaciously.