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 (ĭ-fo͝ol′jənt, ĭ-fŭl′-)
1. Shining brilliantly; resplendent. See Synonyms at bright.
a. Showing or expressing vitality, love, or joy: "the thrilling promise he held out in his effulgent emerald eyes" (Arundhati Roy).
b. Splendid; wonderful: effulgent beauty.

[Latin effulgēns, effulgent-, present participle of effulgēre, to shine out : ex-, ex- + fulgēre, to shine; see bhel- in Indo-European roots.]


radiant; brilliant
[C18: from Latin effulgēre to shine forth, from fulgēre to shine]
efˈfulgence n
efˈfulgently adv


(ɪˈfʌl dʒənt, ɪˈfʊl-)

shining forth brilliantly; radiant.
[1730–40; < Latin effulgent-, s. of effulgēns, present participle of effulgēre to shine forth]
ef•ful′gence, n.
ef•ful′gent•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.effulgent - radiating or as if radiating lighteffulgent - radiating or as if radiating light; "the beaming sun"; "the effulgent daffodils"; "a radiant sunrise"; "a refulgent sunset"
bright - emitting or reflecting light readily or in large amounts; "the sun was bright and hot"; "a bright sunlit room"


Giving off or reflecting light readily or in large amounts:
References in classic literature ?
Then come out those fiery effulgences, infernally superb; then the evil-blazing diamond, once the divinest symbol of the crystal skies, looks like some crown-jewel stolen from the King of Hell.
By and by a delicate, spiritual sort of effulgence spread itself by imperceptible degrees over the loftiest altitudes of the snowy wastes--but there the effort seemed to stop.
It is another sun--an entirely different sun--that casts its eternal noonday effulgence upon the face of the inner world.
The nearer moon had passed below the horizon, but the clear effulgence of the further satellite bathed the deck of the cruiser, bringing into sharp relief the bodies of six or eight black men sprawled about in sleep.
The sun, darting his last rays beneath the masses of heaped-up cloud, adorned with a crest of gold the slightest inequalities of the ground below; gigantic trees, arborescent bushes, mosses on the even surface--all had their share of this luminous effulgence.
Beneath the glorious effulgence of the two moons the scene was one of indescribable loveliness, tinged with the weirdness of strange enchantment.