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 (ĭ-găd′) or e·gads (ĭ-gădz′)
Used as a mild exclamation.

[Alteration of oh God.]


(ɪˈɡæd; iːˈɡæd)
archaic a mild oath or expression of surprise
[C17: probably variant of Ah God!]


(ɪˈgæd, iˈgæd)

also e•gads′,

(used as an expletive or mild oath.)
[1665–75; euphemistic alter. of oh God!]


interj (old, hum)fürwahr (old, hum)
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The thing was hushed up, but, egad, Kelso ate his chop alone at the club for some time afterwards.
Egad, you haven't got an appointment,' said Barnacle junior, as if the thing were growing serious.
After integrating information from EGAD database and hierarchical clustering analysis of the selected genes, this appeared to be a series of complicated molecular events in the development of BTCC.
The software eGad is developing is nor a static animation.
It's therefore fitting that Eileen Egad concludes Peace Be With You, her 350-page compendium of reflections on gospel nonviolence, with a short biography Of her friend, Dorothy Day.
1502-20(c)(2)(i) defines an EGAD as an actual or deemed disposition of (1) a capital asset as defined in Sec.
For five years I've sworn I'd have that dog by hook or crook, and now, egad, at last I've got her.
By combining deep technology and creative design skills with strategic consulting expertise, ATG has successfully developed industry-scale, highly complex and interactive Internet applications for leadership organizations such as Sony Online Ventures, Stream International, Harvard Business School, Eastman Kodak Company, American Airlines, Bellcore, Bonnier Online, Consumer's Edge, Paper Direct, Egad, BOLD, Futurinture, HomeArts New Media, Microsoft, RepublicInteractive, Preview Travel, The Computer Museum, and Unicast.
THE FUTURE IS NOW As the 54th African nation, 193rd UN member state, and 196th country of the world, South Sudan is in the process of becoming a member of the Commonwealth, EGAD, Comesa, the East African Community and is even eligible to enter the Arab League of Nations (which might not be to Khartoum's taste).
Anyway, some Brits are all in a lather because they discovered that 7/8 egad 7/8 foods tied to cartoon characters aren't particularly good for kids.
Working with conceptual sketches and schematic designs by EGAD, Cetra/Ruddy.
The Vikings are 1-3 with him, and have fallen into a tie with the, egad, Detroit Lions for last place in the NFC North.