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 (ĭ-găd′) or e·gads (ĭ-gădz′)
Used as a mild exclamation.

[Alteration of oh God.]


(ɪˈɡæd; iːˈɡæd)
archaic a mild oath or expression of surprise
[C17: probably variant of Ah God!]


(ɪˈgæd, iˈgæd)

also e•gads′,

(used as an expletive or mild oath.)
[1665–75; euphemistic alter. of oh God!]


interj (old, hum)fürwahr (old, hum)
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The thing was hushed up, but, egad, Kelso ate his chop alone at the club for some time afterwards.
After integrating information from EGAD database and hierarchical clustering analysis of the selected genes, this appeared to be a series of complicated molecular events in the development of BTCC.
Rosenberg observes, "The ongoing work with the professionals of EGAD that began on the Congo Gorilla Forest continues to be a most extraordinary experience for our firm.
Making Connections: Conversations Across Disciplines" EGAD (English Graduates for Academic Development) 14th Annual Interdisciplinary Symposium, Texas A&M University-Commerce, September 17, 2004
Egad, Eisenhower imposed a partial embargo in 1960, and JFK expanded it the next year.
Egad, I was the government, and I didn't know how to use the darn things.
We believe that training should be brought up to that level," said Al Lowenheim, chief executive officer for eGad Software Company, of San Diego.
eu egad aux Amerindiens face aux missionnaires oblats, la these de Martha McCarthy, sutenue en 1981 [38], publiee en 1995 sous le titre From the Great River to the Ends of the Earth, marquaite en 1995 sous le titre From the Great River to the Ends of the Earth, marquait une premiere etape.
The problem for the businessmen here," says President Egal of Somaliland, "Is the old Somali passport has been invalidated as a travel document with the blessing of Egad and the United Nations, so our people cannot travel.
It's therefore fitting that Eileen Egad concludes Peace Be With You, her 350-page compendium of reflections on gospel nonviolence, with a short biography Of her friend, Dorothy Day.
1502-20(c)(2)(i) defines an EGAD as an actual or deemed disposition of (1) a capital asset as defined in Sec.
For five years I've sworn I'd have that dog by hook or crook, and now, egad, at last I've got her.