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 (ĭ-găd′) or e·gads (ĭ-gădz′)
Used as a mild exclamation.

[Alteration of oh God.]


(ɪˈɡæd; iːˈɡæd)
archaic a mild oath or expression of surprise
[C17: probably variant of Ah God!]


(ɪˈgæd, iˈgæd)

also e•gads′,

(used as an expletive or mild oath.)
[1665–75; euphemistic alter. of oh God!]


interj (old, hum)fürwahr (old, hum)
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The thing was hushed up, but, egad, Kelso ate his chop alone at the club for some time afterwards.
Also included as EGADs are a change in method of accounting resulting in a positive Sec.
That's not only a reflection of their personalities, but of a sport that extracts devotion and can convert those who otherwise don't have an opinion into suddenly caring and - egads - bringing this kickball into the mainstream.
Christoff, hired last February to work with the linebackers, bringing in 27 years experience from places like Colorado, Notre Dame, Alabama, Georgia Tech, Stanford, Oregon and - egads, even five years with UCLA's secondary.
And what if Scully's career went in another direction - egads, what if he took that Giants job and eventually followed them to San Francisco?
33; egads, a short-relief specialist who averages better than a run for every two innings pitched?