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Adj.1.egg-filled - full of eggs
full - containing as much or as many as is possible or normal; "a full glass"; "a sky full of stars"; "a full life"; "the auditorium was full to overflowing"
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Police have been called in amid their claims that an egg-filled kingfisher nest has been accidentally buried under five feet of rubble by a farmer.
The late Art Flick invented the Red Quill to imitate the smaller male, and Roy Steenrod invented the slightly larger Hendrickson to imitate the slightly larger, egg-filled female.
Bacon and egg-filled alternatives will also be available, but the sausages are what the punters will be buzzing about.
Those who walk the rivers and study the riverbed have noticed that the number of sewin-redds - the sewins' egg-filled nests in the gravel - are now very few and far between.