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Adj.1.egg-producing - capable of producing eggs and bearing offspring
female - being the sex (of plant or animal) that produces fertilizable gametes (ova) from which offspring develop; "a female heir"; "female holly trees bear the berries"
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Wu and colleagues found that the transplanted egg-producing stem cells exhibited a homing ability and began to differentiate into early-stage oocytes when they reached the edge of the ovary.
Wu's lab is also working to establish female egg-producing stem cell lines from scarce ovarian tissues derived from follicular aspirates - the leftover cells gathered when a clinician searches a patient for oocytes - that are produced and discarded in in vitro fertilization centers worldwide.
KELLY KLOBER INTRODUCES his book by saying, "The poultry yard is, I believe, going to always be dominated first by egg-producing chickens and then meat-producing chickens.
In this study, the prevalence and severity of lesions in non-cage laying hens from commercial farms in 2 of the largest egg-producing states, California and Iowa, were evaluated by postmortem examination.
Hence, anybody planning to start egg-producing poultry business should go for breeds that are proven to be layers, as in the manipulation of genes and genetics, they have been developed to optimise egg production.
A particularly vicious aspect of 'gamebird' production is the use of small metal cages, in which the egg-producing birds are confined.
While most of the cases have been in the Midwest, the impact of avian flu has been felt elsewhere, given that hard-hit Iowa is a top egg-producing state.
Melbourne, September 22 ( ANI ): In a groundbreaking study, researchers have identified egg-producing cells that can survive cancer treatment, potentially preventing infertility and premature menopause for cancer survivors.
Food safety officials say the outbreak, which was first detected on June 20, is confined to Los Altos, which is an egg-producing area.
The key was a study conducted in 2009 by Chinese scientists who successfully isolated egg-producing stem cells from adult mice and cultured them in a lab dish.
The volume provides plans for seven coops of varying shapes and sizes and includes three case studies of urban chicken owners and their egg-producing pets.