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A cup for holding a usually soft-boiled egg.


(Cookery) a small cuplike container, used for holding a boiled egg while it is being eaten



a small cup for serving a boiled egg.
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Noun1.eggcup - dishware consisting of a small cup for serving a boiled eggeggcup - dishware consisting of a small cup for serving a boiled egg
crockery, dishware - tableware (eating and serving dishes) collectively
kalíšek na vejce
šalica za jaje
달걀 그릇
cốc chần trứng


كَأْسُ البَيْضَة kalíšek na vejce æggebæger Eierbecher αβγοθήκη huevera munakuppi coquetier šalica za jaje portauovo エッグカップ 달걀 그릇 eierdopje eggeglass kieliszek do jajka oveiro, suporte para ovo cozido рюмка для яйца äggkopp ถ้วยใส่ไข่ yumurta kabı cốc chần trứng 蛋杯
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Woodland fox egg cup, PS6, Not On The High Street Make breakfast fun with this fox print eggcup.
SEASONAL SNIP: For cuteness, it's hard to beat a Peter Rabbit Eggcup & Spoon, shaped like a bucket and spade, PS17, JD Williams Home (jdwilliams.
There are few things as delicate as an egg, but I think a pretty petal porcelain eggcup is a fair comparison.
He meditates upon objects here, upon those few mundane things that his loved ones left behind: an eggcup, for instance, a cigarette case, a homemade stuffed dog, or a violin.
Gather your supplies Large eggs; Seeds (wrinkled cress, fine curled cress or wheatgrass) Seed-raising mix Craft paint in colors of choice Eggcup or Egg Pants Here's How Step 1: Gently crack open top end of egg, empty contents and rinse.
You could make yourself so small, hide in an eggcup or shoe, lie low in a draw or book, post yourself into a crack in the wall.
The waiter leaves the bill in the circular plastic eggcup and we note that, despite the euros, the Cypriots still state the meal and drinks prices' equivalent in pounds -- and it's still pretty cheap.
Here, having the 53rd run of his career, he hit fresh heights at Group 2 level when grinding down Electrolyser, much to the delight of the local residents as he is trained just an eggcup full of petrol down the road at Angmering Park.
Other equally interesting designs in the limited edition also include sterling silver tooth box, sterling silver eggcup, sterling silver spoon, children's/adult's snake-pendant, children's/adult's snakering and children's/adult's snake-earrings.
Other items in the collection are silver baby gifts such as the spoon, an eggcup, tooth box and picture frame, as well as pendants and rings made from gold and micropavE[umlaut] diamonds, all featuring curving snakes.