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A cup for holding a usually soft-boiled egg.


(Cookery) a small cuplike container, used for holding a boiled egg while it is being eaten



a small cup for serving a boiled egg.
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Noun1.eggcup - dishware consisting of a small cup for serving a boiled eggeggcup - dishware consisting of a small cup for serving a boiled egg
crockery, dishware - tableware (eating and serving dishes) collectively
kalíšek na vejce
šalica za jaje
달걀 그릇
cốc chần trứng


كَأْسُ البَيْضَة kalíšek na vejce æggebæger Eierbecher αβγοθήκη huevera munakuppi coquetier šalica za jaje portauovo エッグカップ 달걀 그릇 eierdopje eggeglass kieliszek do jajka oveiro, suporte para ovo cozido рюмка для яйца äggkopp ถ้วยใส่ไข่ yumurta kabı cốc chần trứng 蛋杯
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5 To make a soothing face mask for sensitive skin, mash four or five strawberries with half an eggcup of oatmeal.
Put an eggcup full of bleach in a bucket with one and a half gallons of water.
She says: "Dilute 12 drops of either in an eggcup of almond oil, then massage it over your body.
IT'S easy to be cynical about 750,000 people lining London's streets to sing a negro spiritual anthem to cauliflower-eared giants and a golden eggcup.
IF ever you've dithered over which colour to choose for a wall or a pair of curtains or even an eggcup, dip into Paint: The Fired Earth Book of Natural Colour by Elizabeth Hilliard and Stafford Cliff (Pavilion, pounds 25), and wallow.
com - including the Teddy, Eggcup and Spoon set (pounds 30) by Arthur Price of England - just perfect for tiny tots.
CAROLE: I'm allowed an eggcup of wine, but I didn't think that would be enough, so I decided to abstain altogether.
WHEN my son was small he said to my friend: "I have an egg in an eggcup for my tea.
The spokeswoman also urged people to get their vehicles checked as it "only takes an eggcup of water to cause damage".
The Web Choice winner's trophy is a wooden egg in a wooden eggcup, designed by Young Talent Award jury member Raw Edges.