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A cup for holding a usually soft-boiled egg.


(Cookery) a small cuplike container, used for holding a boiled egg while it is being eaten



a small cup for serving a boiled egg.
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Noun1.eggcup - dishware consisting of a small cup for serving a boiled eggeggcup - dishware consisting of a small cup for serving a boiled egg
crockery, dishware - tableware (eating and serving dishes) collectively
kalíšek na vejce
šalica za jaje
달걀 그릇
cốc chần trứng


كَأْسُ البَيْضَة kalíšek na vejce æggebæger Eierbecher αβγοθήκη huevera munakuppi coquetier šalica za jaje portauovo エッグカップ 달걀 그릇 eierdopje eggeglass kieliszek do jajka oveiro, suporte para ovo cozido рюмка для яйца äggkopp ถ้วยใส่ไข่ yumurta kabı cốc chần trứng 蛋杯
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Painted garden jug, PS10; tea for one teapot, PS24; of four mugs, PS20; cup and saucer, PS12; set of eggcups, PS9; mug, PS8.
Place the apple roses in eggcups or a muffin tin so that they hold their shape.
In 1951 his winning emblem for the Festival of Britain--Britannia as the north point of a compass, decorated with tricolour bunting (after watching his wife hanging out washing) was on everything from eggcups to ships.
This is the same class in which Ali, as a final year student, wrote Teeth in Eggcups, the show which earned rave reviews on the 2012 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and started the Alphabetti journey.
As we stroll towards our entry point into the Gorperi Suone, a prime example of such a mountain village unfurls before us: above a carpet of wild flowers--violets, dandelions, forget-me-nots, eggcups and speedwells--Eggen climbs to lofty heights along a water channel.
Simply dyed and beautifully decorated eggs placed in vintage milk-glass baskets and bowls or antique silver eggcups interspersed with colorful spring blooms remind guests of the rebirth of our savior and spring.
The piece's photographic print -- depicting a fully arrayed chessboard flanked by a pair of plates with matching pieces of white bread, boiled eggs in eggcups and spoons -- was accompanied by a thunking metronome and a photoflash-style light bulb, which (as if in reluctant dialogue with the metronome) dutifully flashed every few seconds.
Washington, August 23 (ANI): Dita Von Teese has confessed having a bizarre fascination with eggcups.
This fantastic kit includes a family-sized delivery of Kingsmill 50/50 and Kingsmill Tasty Wholemeal, a top-of-the-range Dualit four-slice toaster, a set of four bespoke family mugs, a toast rack, teapot and eggcups, plus many more breakfast goodies for you and your family.
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This sale promises something for everyone - from a Nantgarw saucer circa 1818-20 with a guide of pounds 200-pounds 300 or a pair of Swansea pearlware botanical plates circa 1800 at pounds 400-pounds 600, to a very rare Swansea egg stand and six eggcups, circa 1815-17 for pounds 2,500-pounds 3,500.
Arrange in teacups, eggcups, candleholders, or Champagne flutes.