adj. Informal
Befitting or having the qualities of an intellectual.

egg′head′ed·ness n.
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An Eggheaded Approach to Legal Lexicography, 30 WHITTIER L.
Joseph and Rothman have done their homework, and if "Draft Day" lacks some of "Moneyball's" particularly charged, eggheaded air, it nevertheless benefits from a strong insider's feel.
This is an eggheaded look at how the sci-fi show has become one of Britain's biggest brands and an important record of social change, influencing music, design and storytelling.
The executive whose network participated in the blackout called such parsing of media ethics a "very eggheaded and ivory tower conversation to have" when talking "about human lives that hang in the balance.
But if Euler pursues different styles rather promiscuously, she seems particularly tempted by modernist painting, perhaps especially its mildly stigmatized Surrealist-decorative margins: Miro's sinuously interlocking forms, Klee's tiled superimpositions, de Chirico's exploded architectures and eggheaded figures, to name a few.
In short, Grimm had plenty of baseball experience and felt little use for this eggheaded interloper from Urbana.
Is it there to illustrate some eggheaded critical thesis about "life as art," served up under the overused and dependably unspecific headline "All the World's a Stage"?
But what would happen if a huge, eggheaded boffin in a white coat and spectacles, to whom you had not even been introduced, insisted on immersing you in a hot bath.
Reflective people distrust stereotypes, often brutal caricatures that cater to human smugness--the dirty old man, the dumb blonde, the welfare queen, the venal politician, the avaricious Jew, the eggheaded professor.
This engagingly eggheaded, if sometimes slow-moving, play about (among many, many other things) the dumbing-down of popular culture is a show with enough mental firepower to spark a dozen Ph.
There they are, in their vacuums, the eggheaded, often pigheaded sex radicals, believing first and foremost in the rightness of their precious politicization of sex, which, like so many other trendy academic models, finds its roots in Marxist theory.
On one side, I see academics too busy watching their tenure-chasing backs to trouble with the moral lapses of some of their colleagues, who--in their eggheaded smugness--insist that promiscuity defies oppressive hetarosexisim and is, ipso facto, liberating (as if mastering Foucauldian theory is more important than mastering the use of condoms).