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1. Holding the view that the ego is the center, object, and norm of all experience.
a. Confined in attitude or interest to one's own needs or affairs.
b. Caring only about oneself; selfish.
3. Philosophy
a. Taking one's own self as the starting point in philosophical reasoning.
b. Having a meaning relative to the perspective of the subject, such as right or left.

e′go·cen′tric n.
e′go·cen′tric·al·ly adv.
e′go·cen·tric′i·ty (-trĭs′ĭ-tē), e′go·cen′trism n.


the state of being self-centered; greater concern about the self than others to an excessive degree. — egocentric, n., adj.
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Cleckley identified 16 personality features that he deemed to be characteristic of psychopathy: (1) superficial charm, intelligence, and adjustment; (2) absence of psychosis; (3) low levels of neuroticism; (4) irresponsibility and undependability; (5) deceit; (6) lack of remorse and shame; (7) recurrent immoral and criminal behavior; (8) poor judgment and difficulty learning from experience; (9) egocentricity and incapacity for love; (10) poverty of affect; (11) poor insight; (12) lack of reciprocity in interpersonal relationships; (13) impulsivity and disinhibition, often heightened by substance use; (14) relative immunity from suicide; (15) superficial and impulsive sexual encounters; and (16) an aimless or shiftless existence.
Each subsequent narrator, in other words, restores a cosmic balance to a world threatened by the egocentricity and narcissism of the storyteller who imagines that he or she has discovered and expressed a truth that cannot be challenged.
To me he seemed to have more of a child's elementary sense of justice, and with it, perhaps, a child's touch of egocentricity and petulance.
Anxiety, egocentricity and rigidity: Desperate need to regain sense of control, demands for attention, exaggerated responses to the need to re-establish predictability in their lives.
Ambiguous pronoun sequences are cases where there is a potential conflict between these ranking strategies; unacceptable sequences violate the ranking according to egocentricity (Contini-Morava, 1983:425).
What emerges is an extraordinary story that touches on Maori myth and legend, and tensions within Victorian social order as much as the egocentricity of individuals and their scientific aspirations.
Egocentricity (inability to see other perspectives)--As he's floating in the air by the tree, Pooh says, "I think the bees suspect something.
Washington, Oct 11 ( ANI ): Researchers have discovered that our own feelings can distort our capacity for empathy and this emotionally driven egocentricity is recognised and corrected by the brain.
In simple terms, narcissism is defined as a personality trait characterized by egocentricity, excessive vanity and pride, and self-serving behavior that's often detrimental to others.
Only through the transcendence of one's egocentricity or cultural biases can the freedom from partiality and partisanship and the achievement of equalitarianism among the co-existing interactants be reached.
While it is true they represent only a fraction of the population, soldiers can be just as capable of displays of egocentricity and avarice as the larger citizenry from which they are culled.