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1. One devoted to one's own interests and advancement; an egocentric person.
2. An egotist.
3. An adherent of egoism.

e′go·is′tic, e′go·is′ti·cal adj.
e′go·is′ti·cal·ly adv.
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I feel egoistically happy that our criticism of the AKP was neither an overreaction nor an exaggeration.
When Holly presses him for information about Anna, Kurtz is even more evasive, only telling Holly that she works at the Josefstadt theater, and advises Holly that "You'd better to think of yourself'--an egoistic criminal recommending that Holly think egoistically, perhaps, but also a covert threat to get Holly to back off.
Leopold Stokowski recorded this selection of 15 pieces in 1953 with the egoistically named "His Symphony Orchestra", players from the NBC and New York Philharmonic orchestras.
He took this decision in spite of serious reservations of the US military, which egoistically insisted that it had the will and capacity to turn sure defeat into victory.
So, when I look at the world, my vision is split between what I see egoistically as an actor and what I see that is mediated by the "outside," the place of knowledge.