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n.1.(Med.) The sound of a patient's voice so modified as to resemble the bleating of a goat, heard on applying the ear to the chest in certain diseases within its cavity, as in pleurisy with effusion.
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The lung sounds were: normal vesicular breath (n = 1), decreased breath (n = 1), wheezes (n = 2), crackles (n = 2), stridor (n = 1), tubular breath (n = 1), egophony (n = 1), and friction rub (n = 2).
His physical examination was notable for left lower lobe rhonchi and egophony.
Physical examination reveals only crackles and egophony in the right lower lung field.
He described murmurs and thrills, pectoriloquy (as a sign of tubercular cavities), egophony, bronchophony, a variety of rales, and normal and abnormal lung sounds.