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1. A conceited, boastful person.
2. A selfish, self-centered person.

e′go·tis′tic, e′go·tis′ti·cal adj.
e′go·tis′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.egotistically - in an egotistical manner; "he behaved egotistically"
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If every confectioner went buzzing about the world banging against everything that came in his way and egotistically calling upon everybody to take notice that he was going to his work and must not be interrupted, the world would be quite an unsupportable place.
According to Zver, this was a very strong message to European politicians, particularly bearing in mind that Europe has recently acted very egotistically to Macedonia and the other Balkan countries, telling them that the Union has to consolidate itself first before admitting any new members.
While an egoist (someone who always acts to maximize his self-interest) might behave egotistically, or display vanity, he might well not.
This is when a man reaches a point mentally, egotistically and emotionally where he passionately hates women," said Currie, who is the top Men's Dating Advice columnist on The Examiner.
Charles Spencer, writing for The Telegraph, said: "I have seen duller and worse acted Hamlets, but none in which a director seemed so implacably and egotistically intent on twisting the play to his own dubious ends.
Referenda are expensive, often egotistically driven shows of nationalism and at what cost?
THE incident is not the first time Russell has been accused of acting egotistically.
This, in turn, urges diverse Kurdish movements to position themselves against each other and act egotistically.
Issues of translation and culture often make celebrated authors in one language uncompelling in another, and George's theory is that Helprin, unlike such writers as John Irving and Tom Wolfe, is less egotistically flamboyant in his prose, a trait German critics and intellectuals are attracted to.